They just admitted Wyatt…

"They Just admitted Wyatt"... News I didn’t want to hear from his owners…  As I write this, Wyatt, one of our adult pups is having a rash of unknown medical problem and the answers seem to be a mystery for now.  Much thought, prayers and concern has been lifted and medical experts have been summonsed again.
Wyatt at the Vet's office
It can be said that if you are a “human” parent, you will always be the parent, no matter what!  You watch in anticipation as your child grows but even before they are born you wonder and worry what kind of child they will be and hope for a smooth birth.  Is it a boy, girl, tall, short, brown eyes or blue?  As a parent, there will always be questions and concerns, but the “one” fact that will always ring true is that you worry about them, always…

As a dog parent you go through the same thing whenever you get word that there is a problem.  As the breeder, when I hear their is a problem with one of our adult pups, I sit on pins and needles waiting for the test results and even butt in giveing my advice on what test should be run and tell them “make sure to take their temperature and watch for infection”  I just wanted the best for them but I also know they are in good hands. 

Once, I was told by an owner of one on our pups that their dog was really sick and was at the Vet's office, I only had the name of the town where the dog lived and the owner’s info.  After calling nearly every Vet’s offices in the town, I finally got the right one and I remember the receptionist telling me they can't give any information out.  I wouldn't take "No" for an answer and after telling her that I was the breeder and maybe because of the quiver in my voice, she felt sorry for me.   I found out that our pup just died.  I cried like a child because I loved our dog. 

I try to do want what is best for my pups and dogs no matter how old they are, and at times probably have been a little sharp with an owner if I see something that I didn’t like with one of our pups.  If I have, please forgive me, it’s nothing personal or a reflection on you, it’s a parent wanting what is best for their dog child.  Remember “It might be your dog, but it will always be my pup”   I held every single one of them as the first breath of life was taken into their little body and suffer with you when things are not right and they all are special to me.

If you have ever had a medical situation with your pet, you worry about your dog!  Don’t ever think you are alone, you’re not.  Several times I have posted something about one of my own dogs and a problem they are having.  I received so much comfort and understanding, I actually felt relief because I know people truly care and it helped. 

Annie, Wyatt's Mom
Doc... Wyatt's Dad

If I have learned one thing that runs true, we all share a common bond, and it’s a love we can’t understand at times but it is a bond with our dogs and each other.  Whatever you believe, send good vibes, prayers and sweet thoughts because I have been in those shoes when things were not going right, they meant the world to me and I knew I was not alone!  No-one is an island and we all care and love each one of our furry pets and support each other. 

I pray for Wyatt, and think of him often through these troubled times, I know he may be without his human parents at the clinic today, but know for sure, he has thousands of thoughts and prayers flooding the heavens, just for him…  See you soon and bring a Frisbee when you get well and visit, Dutchess would love it... Ken

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