The Needs We Have…

As I sat in the family room Friday night, I looked around and observed all of the dogs sleeping on their own dog bed.  Everyone has their own spot but a few of them would get up and walk to another bed that seemed more comfortable at that time.  If someone jumps down from my lap to get a drink of water of go “potty”, another dog in in their spot in just a flash.

In December of 2012, I wrote about my heart dog which is Molly.  She was out “first” and has always has a special place in my heart.  I have now come to the realization that “all” of my dogs are my heart dog, just different.  If you have been blessed with children, you will understand this.  As your child is born and grows, you love them with all of your heart, no matter what.  They are everything to you and you would you give your life for them.  When, and if another child is born, you feel the same way and would also love them with everything you have but it may appear different.  At a distance, someone might believe you are loving one more than the other because of attention or help that you might give them.  But as a parent, each child has different needs and may need something totally opposite from your other child.  Does this mean you love one more than the other, of course not, it means that you have sharpened your parenting skills to fit each child as we should do with each dog.

As a dog parent, we may do the same thing.  As a multiple dog parent, I see this every day.  Some of my dogs are very needy, needing much time from me and to be able to touch me at will.  Some can be standoffish taking care of their own business.  Dutchess will run and jump on me or anyone, needing be the center of attention. 

 Molly even though she is Dutchess’s half-sister will very rarely come to me except for a pat on her head.   Many times during the evening, Molly will watch me from her dog bed and maybe get up, walk to the side of my chair and stand.  I try to coax her up on the couch, but after a head rub, she’s off back to her dog bed, satisfied.  Each dog is wanting and needing different things but you soon learn their needs, acting accordingly. 

Molly and Clancy
At times, I will take each dog for their own walk.  We might walk through the woods, play Frisbee, sit on the dock or may even talk.  It’s an experience that I will cherish forever and see a different dog than when they are with the pack.  I wish there were ten of me so I could give them “all” of me because they always give “all” of themselves.

Just Yesterday morning I couldn’t sleep and got out of bed.  I called Abbie and off we went walking through the woods at 4 am.  There was little or no moon but the wind was slightly blowing through the tree and it was dreamlike.  She led the way to her favorite spot at the 2nd lake, mostly because of it’s one of her play areas.  This time, she walked onto the dock and waited for me.  I sat down on a step, Addie curled up into my lap and licked my face.

We sat there and listened to the wind but what make it even more enchanting, the wind was moving through the wind chimes on the dock serenading us.  As we sat holding each other, I dreamed of younger times and of uncomplicated days, not tiring or growing weary.   I raced through a lifetime of wonderful memories but tonight my thoughts were of Abbie.  To her, we may have been dreaming for a short time but to me, it was a lifetime… and I assure you, I will never forget that moment.  As a dog parent, we look to fill their needs, but this time Abbie sensed what I needed, and filled my needs… more than she’ll ever know…  Ken
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