A little help and comfort…

With all the things that have been going in the world, it’s hard to keep a calm and healthy mind and not dwell on the things going on all over the world. 

As we all know, this past Friday, Paris, France was attacked by terrorist and the bad part is this was not the first and I don’t think it will be the last time we see a horrifying event unfold right in front of us though the media.  There are no words or any way that we can know how someone feels or understands and I wouldn’t even try. 

After I watched the events of the attack on TV, I prepared for bed.  My night was very restless and it was hard to sleep because in my mind, it played over and over.  During the night, I remember turning over to the other side of the bed and for just a second I felt lost but I reached out unconsciously feeling one of my dogs that always sleeps near the pillow.  She acknowledged me by licking my hand and letting me know she was there and everything was OK and even moved closer.  It did comfort me and for some reason, I felt safe…

Many times in my life, I have depended on my dogs to guide me and at times they make me feel that things are OK.  Numerous times they have put me in a good mood, making me laugh or helping me see things differently just by the quirky things they do and my life is better. 

If you own a Border Collie, they have a unusual way to lead and teach us about things we never thought about.  A story I found years ago has always made me think they were special, and they are…

“Shepherds in the old days would often stay with the flock through the twilight prime-time hunting period of the local predators and it was usually dark when they called it a day.

With the flock bedded down and watched over by a sheep guard, the shepherds stumbled back to their campsite, which changed location every few days as the sheep denuded the area and had to be moved.

After a hard day’s work, the herding dogs were also ready for a rest-having better night vision than the shepherd, and a much better sense of smell, they had no trouble at all in finding their way to the camp. All the shepherd had to do was follow along. The problem, of course, was seeing the dog.

Border Collies carry their tail low and use it for balance when they are working. However, when they are not concentrating on work, and are happy and contented, like after a day’s work it is not unusual to see them with a “gay” tail, the tail carried higher than back level, almost like a flag.

If the tip of the tail is white, held high, and is flapping around, it is easy to see in the open areas where sheep are usually pastured, even at night; the white tip picks up the ambient light and the bobbling “lantern” leads the shepherd to his bed.”

When things look troubled and you feel restless, look to the experts.  I have found so much solace in those soulful eyes, pure heart and loving face.

We don’t always need advice.  Sometimes, all we need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart that understands. Sometimes, all we need is a dog.

Never forget that they will always be there and never question your moods or motives and will accept you for what or who you are and in the past year, I have depended a little more on them for comfort.  We are their world and I have noticed that they have become mine...   Ken

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