Your my Buddy...

There is a commercial that is playing now that struck me from the first time I saw it.  As most would assume, I love dog commercials and actually watch them but my “most” favorites are the ones of Golden Retrievers that star in Subaru Commercials.  Elaine and I will stop everything we’re doing and watch them if they come on, even over and over and nearly belly rolling each time.

This past week, I along with hundreds of people received a notice “the Border Collie community to rally around a girl. She was adopted to a home in Harahan, Louisiana which obviously did not take care of her and has been returned to the shelter.  All Border Collie Rescue is looking for a permanent foster for this 14 year old, owner surrendered girl (named Girly) in Louisiana so I'm hoping one of you may know someone who is a soft touch for seniors. At most, it would be a couple of years but probably substantially less. (And yes, I'm thinking very evil thoughts about someone who owner surrenders an old girl like this).  Her chances of adoption in or out of a rescue are probably nil - the oldest ones we've adopted out have been no older than 12. She is very sweet. Get with me if you have any questions. Thanks.” from the shelter.

14 year old Girly at the shelter

Without even talking to Elaine about it, I sent off a request that we would take her.  NO… I don’t need another dog, I have plenty, and yes… she is old but needs a home.  But there was that tug at my heart and something needed to be done for this 14 year old Border Collie.  The Facebook page was ablaze with chatter.  Most people would just “like” but several request for more information was asked and some people offered help, even people I know.

The next day, Shirley Thompson the Adoption Coordinator in Louisiana wrote me,
“Thank you so very much for offering to take Girly.  We are placing her in a permanent home in Louisiana and are very sure she will have a wonderful life with her new family.”  

This is wonderful news and I am so glad for Girly (now Josey).  It seems her life, short as it may be will be with people who love her and want her until she lays her head down to sleep and crosses that bridge.  But know that many people stepped up to do the right thing for Girley who was 14 years old, dirty, scared and matted, who was turned over to a shelter which probably meant her death.   We don’t know why she was relinquished, it doesn’t matter but what does matter, she is home and safe in loving arms. 

I have seen this commercial before, but this day when I watched it, it meant so much more to me and reminded me of what the dogs expect of us…

“You're my buddy, my pal, my friend
It will be that way until the end
And wherever you go, I want you to know
You're my buddy, my pal, my friend”

Video of   "Your my Buddy"...  it says so much... and a 14 - 3/4 year old dog going through his bucket list... worth every 60 second of the video... something to learn here...

14 years young Josey (Girly) getting ready to go to her new home
We all will need a place to call home but mostly when that time comes. “It’s not just the miles in life, it’s what "you" make of them” and truer words were never spoken…  We all need help at times and especially when we get old, but hopefully someone will help, just like the shelter in Louisiana did with Girly and her new family.  Thanks to everyone involved who loved “Girly” when no one else did… 

"Girly in the twilight of your life, rest well and know that you are a Lady and even though you days are mostly behind you, your future is very bright"...  We all need a "buddy" until the very end...Ken...

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Note, my favorite Golden Retriever commercials