8:00 PM

I have pondered this letter many times but never thought of how to do it.  It will be very profound and most people can’t imagine the implications of being in my shoes, including me at times…  As I have experienced this often, it’s hard to put into words and one of those situations you must see and experience for yourself to get into the right frame of mind, and even then it will be exhausting to read and hard for me to write… There is only one way to inscribe it, and that is as it actually materializes most every night…

Note:  As I sit in my recliner at 8 pm to "relax" and watch TV, this is the customary one sided conservation every night in the family room before the witching hour…

My Turn?

8 PM

“Jump up, come on…UP, UP”
“Dutchess, stop going in circles, lay down, you’re killing me”
“Abby stop growling, she beat you up to my lap, now lay down”
“Meggie, lay on the other end of the couch”
“Meggie, quit holding your paw up in the air”
“Meggie, quit staring at me, lay down”
“Annie, there isn’t enough room for you up here”
“Abby, what are you looking at, Dutchess beat you”
“Abby, there isn’t enough room for you too”
“Abby, get off your back, Dahlia, get you nose out of there, Abby, she was just checking you, no harm and quit growling”

8:30 PM

“Dutchess, get up, move I’m getting something”
“Dutchess, you’re not getting any, it’s for adults, not dogs”
“Look, this is not a treat for you, it’s a necessity for me, just to take the edge off”
“Molly… good girl, but there is no room, maybe later”
“Shepp, get off the remote control, you’re changing the TV”
“Please everyone, just sit down and relax”
“Dahlia I can’t see the TV if you’re in my lap”

9:00 PM

“Phew…Who did that, don’t look at me… I didn’t do it”
“Someone needs to go to the bathroom?”
“Everyone out”
“Dahlia, quit barking at the cat”
“Holy Mother of God… why does this have to be so difficult”
“Everyone in… slow down, it’s not a race”
“I need another drink”
“Where am I going to sit?”
“Abby get up,”
“Dutchess “this” is for adults, not dogs”

9:30 PM

“Gabby lay still, don’t roll over on your back”
“Clancy get you nose out of there”
“Clancy, don’t lick yourself, there is nothing down there”
“Abby, we’re not playing ball, lay down”
“Annie quit pestering Molly, Molly quit growling”
“Thank God for the rewind function on the TV”

10:00 PM Snack Time

“Everyone will get a bite”
“Dutchess it’s not your turn”
“Dahlia get your feet off the Coffee table”
“Dutchess, get back”
“Molly, you can have a bite”
(Repeated 4 times)

10:30 PM

“Get up everyone, I need something”
“Need more whiskey”
“You all did this to me”
“Abby quit growling, no one is going to get me”
“Abby, Thank you for the sugar and saving me”
“I don’t even know what I watched”
“Please be still”
“Dutchess do you think I need another drink?”
“Dutchess stop, I should have never asked the question”
“Shepp quit barking”
“Come on Molly, up”

11 PM

“News is on, everyone quiet”
“Meggie, quit looking at me”
“Someone needs to go out”
“No it wasn’t me, I know dog phew”
“Dahlia, quit barking at the woods”
“Slow down, it’s not a race to get out the door”
“DAHLIA, quit waking up the neighborhood”
“Let’s go inside”
“Molly, Shepp, Dahlia, Annie, Gabby go upstairs, find Momma”
“Just a little more TV”
“Abby, Dutchess, Clancy, Meggie find your spot”
“Abby, where am I going to sit”

1:39 AM

“Slurp Slurp Slurp”
“I know, I’m getting up, I was just resting my eyes”
“Abby, Dutchess, Clancy, Meggie get in bed, up…up”
“Where am I going to sleep?”
“Thank you for moving”
“Abby, thank you for protecting me tonight, please don’t lick my nose off, why is the pillow wet”
“Note to self, need more Whiskey”

5:49 AM

Abby, thank you for washing my face, please don’t lick my nose off”
“I can’t breathe, everyone’s on top of me”
“Who did that, no it wasn’t me… I don’t think”
“Just another day”

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