The Story of Sylvester…

Someone found a dog, made a desperate reach to the nationwide “Blind Dog Rescue Alliance” who contacted a Border Collie Rescue in New York who contacted a friend, Karen Newhall who contacted me with the following message…
A dog has several issues described from the caretaker to the rescues, he was;
Abandoned in a neighborhood
Fell off a retaining wall into a yard
He was terrified and ended up running into the brick wall
Front paws looks torn
May have been beaten
He is limping
His fur is matted
No shots or Heartworm medication
They are desperate
He is not housebroken, or leash trained
Hoping for rescue, we cannot keep him
but He’s blind

“He is very sweet” was the last comment from the caretaker.  Sylvester who was named by the children has had a very rough start possibly from birth.  They had contacted their local Vet for help and to see if anyone recognized him and reached out to everyone, but nothing.  Once I got the caretakers contact, I sent an email to inquiry about him.
If I have learned anything about finding good homes for dogs, it can be tough at times and nearly impossible to find that right spot even for the perfect dog.  “Do I want to get into this,” I thought and “am I going to have another dog.”  I knew from the get go that this was a hard one, probably impossible and I did have doubts and concerns. 

First photo I saw of Sylvester
After contacting the caretaker, things started falling into place.  The caretaker was very nice and agreed to help.  A date was set for him to be transported to a Veterinary in Louisville for his shots/tests and a surgery.  On the day of his trip, I drove to Louisville and met the caretaker and Sylvester at the Vets office.  They were wonderful people and had their children who were very fond of Sylvester and I notices a few tears from the kids during their last goodbye.  He is a beautiful dog, perfectly marked for a border collie but he was very nervous and scared.  “Can I help him?” I said under my breath as I looked at this broken, handicapped and scared dog.  Because he was blind and he needed to go to the surgery prep area, I picked him up, held him close but noticed he leaned his head into my chest for comfort, leaving him for the afternoon surgery.   As I drove back to Indiana thinking about the problems that may arise, the biggest that came to mind… Where will he live?
That night I added a post to our dogs Facebook page hoping for just one inquiry, someone who could care for him, love him and give him a chance to live but help him see through them.  His outlook was dreary at best.  The next morning, as always I go to the computer and punched up Facebook hoping for one inquiry but I knew there would be none even though we were nearly 100% successful but Sylvester was special and he was.  Our Facebook was on fire, I had nearly thirty five thousand “likes” and “shares” something I have never seen.  Hundreds of messages were sent to all three of our FB pages and even to my Gmail account but why?  After starting to read, they were inquiries about Sylvester, people wanted him!  After answering what I could, I deleted the information because I couldn’t handle any more request.  I started making a list of people who I checked out that seemed like a good match.  I was very upfront about his disability because he needed a loving/caring and knowledgeable home who understood about blindness and how to care for him and this still might be hard.
Early this spring, a family was looking for a second dog to be a companion for their senior dog.  

The day he left here
They were excited and had planned to pick up the dog but on the very day it was scheduled, the wife was involved in an automobile accident with a semi-truck and plans were drastically changed and put on hold.  Still want a dog, she saw a notice about an available dog on our Facebook page that was blind several months later and contacted me.  When we talked on the phone, I tried to stress the trials and potential problems of having a dog with needs.  She explained to me that she has 16 years in the field working with children and adults that are blind and work with service dogs.  “Why wouldn’t I want a blind dog?”  Sylvester was cleared to go to his new home this Saturday.

Relaxed at his new home
He joined a family that is loving, devoted and trained to take care of him in ways I’ll never know.  From a dog was so scared to move, he has developed into a confident dog that is truly happy and has learned so much is just a week.  Several days ago.  In just a few days, his world has opened up and his life is just beginning…  

Sylvester with his new buddy
Right after picking up Sylvester on that Saturday, the husband turned to his wife saying, “It would be nice to help other dogs too” and I agree.  Ken

Just when you think things are impossible, things seem to open up and the best works out... I've seen that happen 100's of times...

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