"Labor" Day

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City, it was to observance and celebration with a street parade to exhibit to the public "the strength and esprit de corps to the trade and labor organizations" followed by a festival for the recreation and amusement of everyone, who knew it would be a "labor" of love for us...

Sound familiar?

Dutchess is tremendously in favor of this and she has her party hat ready for the parade and is equipped to march to the tune of “her” drum.  But when I think about it, it should be our parade because we do all the work but Dutchess and her friends disagree because they are "working" dogs and members of their working group, although, if their was a "Party" party, she would be better equipped and would be the party President...

Friends of Dutchess
In my dogs eyes, my world consist of making them happy, living in a world where we will continue to be in an uncomfortable position in order for them to sleep, boy does this sound true.
This started me to thinking about the work we do and our life changing experiences to make them happy.  If you have a dog, you know what it takes to make them happy but when you multiply it by ten, now that’s a job but one that we usually bring on ourselves as I did, so maybe I should be the "labor" organize.  I can’t think or envision the time and money that most all of us have done or would do to make these little rascals happy.

Some of us will change the way we sleep, where we sleep and how we sleep so they will be comfortable.  I was one of those people that liked to sleep by myself and enjoyed my peace and quiet, I never really thought about it but when I got into bed last night, I set up and said “Abby where are you, come here girl”  why did I do that?  They grow on us and I like her company and snuggles and it's so comfortable to reach and touch them in the middle of the night.  Now Dutchess will jump in bed, make her place and won’t move at all but if you try to make her move, she raises her head and gives you that “don’t touch me look.”  Each one is different and some will jump on the bed for an hour or so and then find their spot somewhere else, but I find myself trying to make them comfortable and don't worry about myself, go figure?

There is no doubt, we work for them and do things that makes their life better and everyday around here is a party according to some of them but I’ve always said that “you can’t be taken advantage unless you allow it” and of course I have and is that so bad?  

So remember this Labor Day as it was meant for, the employees (dogs) and the originators (us) remember we do work for them or so Dutchess thinks… but it is a "labor" of love.  Ken
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