Back Home...

Everything was packed in the Jeep the night before and we packed the essentials the morning we left.  I had planned to leave at 8 am and we actually got on the road about 7:30 which was a first.  Elaine did a great job getting everything ready and taking care of me by packing my stuff.  She will work on packing for days and when it comes to me, I put the suitcase in the middle of the bed, and open the chest of drawer… shorts, tee shirts, socks...OK I’m ready.  Elaine does everything else and I will tell you, she does a fine job.  Off we were, Clancy and Abby were in the back of the Jeep, ready to go.  Both are excellent riders and right away snuggled in the back of the vehicle on their dog beds and off to sleep.  No more than 2 minutes into the trip, Elaine asked me if I brought my pillows…which she reminded me to do.  “No” I forgot, but there is always Walmart and we now have new pillows thanks to my forgetfulness…  The drive was uneventful and we made good time to Michigan and was at the beach in no time.  After unpacking, off the beach we went.  

The dogs were a little confused and we were too because of the new territory were had traveling.  After finding the park, out the door they went and when I grabbed the Frisbee, they really perked up and Abby even carried it from the Jeep to the beach.  Twisting and turning, both of them were in rare form itching for the fun to start.  They didn’t know where, but all the signs looked good for them to have some Frisbee time with just two of them.  As we took just one step onto the beach, Abby dropped the Frisbee at my feet and ran down the shoreline looking back at me. 

We had a wonderful day and the dogs were the attraction of the beach croud.  We were going to stay on the shoreline with the dogs because we were just a little unsure of the waves, sand and wide open space but once they got sand in their mouth, they showed us the way to get in, even cleaning themselves off, and they did. 

Every morning, even before breakfast, I took them to an open field just to wear them out and play.  Both of them were so good and minded well, even in crowded places but the real fun was the water and playtime.  

I will tell you, sleep came early and easy for them each night.  We had their dog beds but at home, they usually sleep on the bed and they didn’t disappointed us and made us feel right at home by getting on the beds.  It was somewhat rustic where we stayed and we had plenty of together time with the dogs.  Lots of fun and exploring for all of us and a well-rounded trip.

The trip was a huge success and everyone had fun even the mosquitoes but the fun has to end as we packed the Jeep and pulled out one bright morning and for the entire drive, not a peep was heard from the back of the Jeep and every time we looked at them, they were sound asleep…  Happy Dogs and Happy Dog Parents... Ken

Note:  I don't think I ever planned a vacation solely for the dogs.  From the time we went to the place we stayed and the activities we did, it was all about the dogs... just don't tell Dutchess...

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