About Time...

After our four kids moved away, Elaine and I moved to Indiana and enjoyed quiet time and spending time doing things we wanted to do without any distractions or interruptions but that was before dogs.  At one time we drove across the USA, going to every state out West and the next year, each state on the East coast.  In all we have been to all 50 states except Maine and we hope to make it soon.  We always enjoyed our vacations and time away from home just to see this beautiful land and see all the many wonderful things the states have to offer. 

That all stopped when we had to share our time with several four legged furry friends and the more that was added to the pack meant, the less time we had for trips and our ventures both inside and outside the country, but that should briefly stop this very week because we are going on vacation and I am actually leaving the farm for some fun.  During the last four years, Elaine has gone to see her Dad every 6 weeks or so and travels to Louisville.  She also goes on a trip to “Covered Bridge” Indiana with her girlfriends every year and I would always stay home and take care of the chores and dogs. 

This coming week, we are taking a road trip to Michigan Beach and rent a cabin along with two of our dogs.  Clancy and Abby will ride shotgun in the Jeep and off we go to a real beach with real sand and waves. 
As you might imagine, it’s a real chore to get all the cards to fall into place and as you know with any plans, something always falls through and falls apart but this time, it looks like we are on our way for a real vacation. 
Friends of ours will stay with our dogs here at the house and take care of everything while we are having a fun time.  Dutchess wanted to go but I just can’t trust her to stay out of the donut shop, licks kids ice cream cones and jump on the table at every restaurant, barking for more food.  

This is Clancy’s first road trip except for a day trip but Abby is an old pro.  She and Meggie went with us many years ago and in the room they jumped from bed to bed with a Frisbee in their mouth.

All in all, it will be fun and well deserved… lets see... what do we need to take with us;
Rawhide chews
Dog Food
Water bowl
Dog brush
Toys, more Frisbee's

According to them, nothing more is needed and I will tell you, Dutchess is pissed...  Ken
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