Tell me Why...

This week I read in the paper that a dog was found in Iowa which was lost.  It’s a big thing, but somewhat normal to find a lost dog.  The person that found the dog, took it to a shelter for help and to possibly get the dog back to the owner which in some cases in itself can be challenging.  

After the examining was done and the dog appeared fine, it was discovered that the dog had a microchip and hopefully it was current with the right information and the dog could go home by evening.  Problem solved, call the owner and hopefully the dog will be picked up in an hour or so.  That is where the problem started… the dog was from New Orleans and had been lost since 2011 and had been on the road since then.
We never know the extent of things we would do for our dogs until the need arises and we never give up.  

Our lives change, our pocketbooks change, out attitude changes and nearly everything in our house changes but our heart change.  Why is this?  I've seen some pretty amazing transformations, myself included.  My mother once saw my brothers dog lick from a plate when they set it down, something that is dirty to her and vowed to never eat with them again.  I will tell you, she would never eat with us because I make a point to feed them off my fork, (not recommended), but I do it.  Not only have we changed in our minds, we have changed in our house as many of “us” dog owners know, but why is this?  I know one family that spent 12 years or so caring for a dog spending in upwards of $50,000 to make sure the best care for the dog was obtained and it was, they never gave up. 

Dogs are keys to our souls, something that can touch our most inter and secret part of our heart.  They have transformed our ever being into something some people and family will never understand and in my heart, I don’t understand.  But why?
Maybe it’s because they love us like we have never been loved, oh yes, we do love and are loved by family member and friends, but “it’s” different, but why?

United Airlines stepped in and paid for Sam the lost dog in Iowa, and a animal service worker to fly one-way fare back to Louisiana—in the first class section --a ticket that starts around $500.
When Sam saw the owner, he recognized her and went straight for her, licking her face because they both remembered the bond they had and missed.  I’m sure the person that made the decision at United Airline has owned a dog or two and knew what to do…

That’s why… we all have been here, just in different circumstances… Give your dog a hug today and never give up because they don't, Ken

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