Spring Chores...

After the spring rains, it’s time to start the annual chores that occur every spring here at the farm.   It’s something that I never look forward to and always complete the easy ones first and wait on the hard ones until the last minute.   The same is not true of the dogs, they love it when I do anything but especially getting the equipment out, starting their motors and sending them into La La land on cloud nine. 

They love to help out even if it’s running down the driveway barking at the air, clearing any and all obstacles out of the way.  The best times for them is when I start the 4 wheeler and move it into position to put mulch in it.  They had many opportunities this year because I transported nearly 18 tons to various spots through-out the farm, so there was lots of barking and clearing the paths this year.  Dutchess is the worse of course.  Even if I walk remotely close to any implement her ears perk up and she watches my every footstep to see if I get close.  Sometimes just to fool her and I’m not going to start anything, I will go “varoom…varoom” and it will send her into orbit and Clancy and Annie are not far behind except Clancy will run in circles and crouch down as far as he can and wait for me to move. 

He will wait for ten to twenty minutes and even longer just to see the machine moves so he can lead the charge.  Annie will run toward me and jump and push off of me telling me to hurry up nearly knocking me down.  All in all, we get the work done once I turn the motor off and everyone settles down until I walk close to a machine again and we’re off again.
Grass cutting is entirely different, they will follow me around, back and forth, and back and forth until I stop.  Abbie will get a stick and bring it to me and if I pass her up which I usually do, she will re-position it over and over.  

Usually Clancy and Abbie will stand still watching me mow and will not move at all but when I pass them, they are covered with grass clippings.

Annie, God love her, loves to ride on the pontoon boat and we take frequent rides.  I have learned this because if I go out on the boat, she will run to the lake, no matter where she's at, jump in and swim to meet me and following the boat in the wake until I pull her in the boat.   Last year, while I was putting “pond dye” in the lake from the pontoon boat,  I assumed Annie was occupied and I was free to proceed.  As I started pouring the super concentrated dye in, from a distance I could see her running toward me. 

One gallon will treat 1,500,000 gallons and I had just poured 2 galling in one small area and she was swimming right toward it.  “Annie…ANNIE…NO” and I might as well have called her name and held a ball in the air.  Right to ward me she came, swimming right through the pond dye and my first thought was how much trouble I was going to get into.   I had a hard time convincing Elaine that our blue Merle dog just got bluer.  

This year, I called her to me before I started dying the pond and we went out on the boat together.  Thank God she didn’t move the whole time we were out and came back the same color…   Ken   

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