It’s amazing to see…

While we have several dogs, and as I have said before, it is amazing to appreciate what they do and think and the shenanigans they get into.  Each one is different and has their own personality in several different areas. 
They all have their own idiosyncrasies in eating, sleeping and getting attention.  This not only applies to my dogs getting my attention, it also applies to a guest dog getting my attention when they visit here too.  Once the visitors dogs get comfortable, they fall into their usual pattern, even with me.  Just a few weeks ago, we had a dog over and he wanted some attention and kept backing into me for a butt scratching just like our Annie.  Both of them would take turns getting between my legs and stopping at the right spot for just the right angle and prance on their back feet so I would scratch their butt, something they never got tired of, but after a while my arms got tired and I had things to do even though butt scratching is really important.

As a rule, my dogs don’t need that much attention except when it’s my quiet time.  They are out most of the time at the farm between 6 am and 11 pm and get plenty of action.  They do need their time when they come inside after dinner while I’m trying to relax and watch a little TV.  As a rule, Meg is on the far end of the couch, Annie and Molly are in the middle of the couch and someone (anybody) gets in my lap.  Meg will stand up and stare at me and paw the air waiting for me to pet her.  Molly will paw my side if she can reach me and if she isn't close enough, she will scoot until she can, and Annie will jump in my lap for her butt rub even if it’s on top of someone already in my lap.  After they get what they want, they usually settle down for some rest. 

Something I never thought of that they will do when they want attention, they will “block your path”.  Until I read something about this, I never thought of this trick.  It never fails, if I’m in a hurry and need to get from point “A” to point “B” and it’s in a dash of course, it’s like running an optical course through the maze of our dogs.  They see me clipping along at a pretty face pace and then the game is on.  While I might have a clear path when I started, suddenly there are dogs walking “in” the path and I know they are watching me out of the corner of their eye, mumbling to themselves “he has to touch me, he has to touch me” which I do and they are happy. 

There are many ways they get your attention, they stare at you, bring us toys, they grunt, licks your ankle, helps us type, licks my face, A cold nose that nudges your hand, and some dogs will even “play” hurt to get your sympathy.   There are a million things they do and know they lie around and think up things to get the “man” to pay attention to them.
All in all, it’s a pretty even keel around here except for Abby sleeping at my head in bed, who watches me sleep.  At the split second I open my eyes from a deep sleep, I get a tongue to the holes of my nose.  I know she never closes her eyes because she might miss it and Dutchess has learned if she wants something, anything, she barks and will continue until I submit.  It’s not often but she actually speaks but the worse encounter is when I’m trying to put my shoes sitting on the steps of the porch where all of the dogs can reach me on their level.  

I wonder what your dog does to get your attention…  Gotta love um, Ken

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