Alone Time...

As I was getting ready to go outside to work last week, as always, the dogs watch me put on my shoes and as I touch the door, they are off to our play area wanting to play.  Usually, I get my chores done first and we have play time when I’m caught up, but this day, I grabbed a couple of balls and a Frisbee and off we went.  They all ran through the woods like their tail was on fire except Dutchess.  She spied the Frisbee in my hand and wouldn’t leave me alone so I just gave it to her and off she ran like her tail was on fire except she had a Frisbee in her mouth helping out.  We had a few guest dogs and it was pretty crazy with all the excitement going on.  

They were wired up and it showed.  Everyone was going after a ball or Frisbee and in just a few minutes, all three balls were lost and two Frisbee's were nowhere to be found.  They get excited and carry it and when another object flies, they will drop the one they have and go after the other, unable to find it again.  All in all, we only got about twenty minutes in and had nothing to do when everything was temporarily gone.  The older dogs were a little tired but Abbie was still raring to go.  She gave me her sad eyes and I said “another time” and she turned are ran toward the house with the others but I felt like a heel.  The next morning, Abbie sat as close to me as she could, while we were on the porch and literally wined like she was speaking, wanting something, but what?   
Every one of our dogs are excellent at playing ball of Frisbee but when you get them all together, it can be mayhem trying to keep up and there is just no simple solution, or so I thought.

I talked to Elaine about it and we mulled over a few ideas and came up with a solution.  The next morning, as usual everyone is up (except Elaine) between 6 and 6:30 and the dogs go for their morning constitution and we kennel them and feed them about 8 AM and they are usually ready for breakfast.  They are great about going to the kennel after the command and even stand at their own kennel door, waiting until you open it.   Everyone was let in but Abbie.  After everyone was secure, Elaine started the feeding process and I grabbed a Frisbee tucking it under my shirt and said “Abbie, come on girl” but softly.  Once outside the kennel door, I gave her the Frisbee and off to the lake we went, her tail on fire and a Frisbee in her mouth.  It was pure joy watching her spin and twist, doing the things she loves to do.  There was no hurry, except the speed of the Frisbee and no one to chase after her and she didn’t have to look over shoulder for fear of someone beating her.  Back and forth and back and forth she ran until she let me know she was finished and back to the house we went.  

She stayed out to catch her breath and dry off and then had breakfast in her kennel run, it was “her” special time.  The rest of the day went as normal and everyone got to play and scamper but that night Abbie followed me to bed when it was time, as usual she got in her spot near my head an laid down but this night, she scooted just a little closer putting her head on my pillow, licked my face and I reached over and petted her saying “that'll do” and it did.  Fast to sleep she went, chasing Frisbee's… 

Our new routine is when we feed them in the morning, one dog doesn’t get kenneled and it’s their time to do what they want while one dog gets brushed right after eating, everyone needs they alone time too...

They do talk to us… if we would only listen and it took me a long time to understand this…  Ken

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