As I look around and look for places to sleep, I never thought I would be in this position, but here I am.  It came upon me gradually and I never saw it coming but here it is and how do you stop it.  OK, let’s not go where some of you are going… it’s not about that. 
When we first got dogs, they never came inside except for a very special occasion.  Sasha, Max and even Clancy had an “Igloo” doghouse on the porch if they wanted some shelter even though the porch is covered and out of the elements but they loved the freedom and outside life.   When it got cold outside, both Clancy and Max got into one Igloo dog house and was as toasty as can be, besides, they were usually wet or muddy and the house was off limits.  Funny how things change.

It started several years ago when we build a new kennel that would house 14 dogs with their own separate space, cozy blankets, individual water, refrigerator, monitors, FM radio, telephone, separate runs, ceiling fans and a forced air furnace for cold nights.  They were in heaven and no matter how hard they played or wet they got, they could relax, kick back and enjoy life.  Don't get me wrong, we would let at least two of them in to be with us and we would enjoy each dog at night and if they were lucky, they would sleep in the house or should I say sleep in “bed” with us… but Elaine got involved and of course, things changed.

I had a good plan, each night two of the dogs could come each night and the following night two different ones and so forth and then we would start over.  Everybody got to come in and spend time with “Mom and Dad”.  Life was good… Elaine ask one day, “Want me to get the dogs in tonight?”  It was always after feeding time and we were settling down for “our” time to relax.  When she came in that night, she had four dogs which wasn't too bad, they were calm because of a hard day and everyone was happy.  Each night seemed to increase with more dogs until all of them were inside looking at me, staring at me to do something with them. 

Finally I ask “why are all the dogs in?”  Well it’s simple she said… “They look at me with those sad eyes and I can’t make a decision.” 
Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs and I love to relax after a hard day and even have a dog on my lap but things have changed a little.  When I get my evening snack, I have ten dogs waiting in a half circle for whatever “Dad” has, whether it’s ice cream, cheese and crackers or popcorn, I always have to make sure there is enough for everyone.  There is much less room on the couch with 5 dogs trying to compete for a special spot while the others are spaced on their individual dog beds on the floor but after a potty break, there is a mad dash for my couch and lap when they come back.

Bedtime is a real hoot, I know most of my readers have a dog and some even get to sleep on the bed, but try ten, we even have dog beds next to our bed for the overflow, everyone except Dahlia and she had her own Daybed in the same room.

All in all, it’s not a bad thing because they are part of our life.  It’s come a long way from a dog or two in a warm Igloo on a covered porch to a house full of furry friends…

Hey, I've got an idea, I have a nice building that is not used, all I need is a splicer for the TV, and set the Wi-fi up and I'm in business, plenty of room and all the comforts of home.  Remember guys, I got 14 separate places to sleep, maybe I'll have to get a bigger refrigerator… Ken

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