A Reunion ... Maybe...

As the beginning of this New Year, we started thinking about the things we wanted to change on the farm.  Some things we kept, some things we changed, but some things we stopped doing or cut out altogether.   On the top of the list, "what are we going to do about the Puppy Reunion?” 

The reunion started some years ago and has been a huge success but it’s a lot of work when you involve hundreds of people over several days.  It was Elaine’s idea in the beginning and a good one and it was fun for everyone.  We both are planners, but this year, it was on the chopping block because its hard to do with just two people.  It’s not that we didn't want to do it, but there is so much work, planning, food, activities, registration, safety and even overnight accommodations whither it’s camping at the farm or a hotel stay.  We enjoy the time we spend with our past puppies and owners and seeing our dogs again is wonderful but it's a full time job just to make it work. 

I was talking to one of our pup owners one day earlier this year, she ask the same question, “Are we having a puppy reunion this year?” she sensed my anxiety, offering to help and even suggested a committee to work together and make it happen.  Last Friday, we had the first official meeting to help organize the reunion and it was a big succession.  Past reunions were looked at, the good and bad things were analyzed and we worked on my apprehensions and looked at involving more people to help and passing out jobs.   I soon realized why we were doing this.

It has always been my mission to have the best pups possible, giving them a good start here at the farm and always being part of their life if possible, the good times along with the things that needed attention.   We have constantly tried to keep in contact with all of our dogs because I “just feel" it is the right thing to do, it not only helps our pup but the owner have someone they can turn to.   The Veterinarian is the expert and his advice and counsel is always recommended.  

Our mission continues even though we no longer have little ones.  “We” need to be a source of help, education and support being able to point you in the right direction and even boarding your dog when you go on vacation, because you know they will have freedom and fun back home on the farm and you will especially have piece of mind. 

Friday night we met at the host’s house for the meeting, along with our dogs, we even took Annie with us because the dogs were welcome to come and play.  Before we ate and got to the meeting, a hearty game of Frisbee was played wearing the dogs out and fun and fellowship was had by all. 

We arrived early for the meeting and as each couple arrived with their dog (our pups), they would spot me and run to see me again.  They would jump up and kiss me and my mind would flash back the time when they were small and do the same thing while their little ears were flopping as they ran to me, something I witnessed many times and I never grew tired of.

Welcome home soon little pups, see you all in September… The annual puppy reunion is on and I will once again wait for our adult dogs, knowing they will run down the driveway with flopping ears as I greet them with open arms and it will truly be a reunion, again… getting all the licks and kisses...  Ken

Note: All of the dogs pictured above are pups from the farm and were at the meeting... thanks to the committee for your help and love for our pups and your dogs...

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