A Dream Come True...

As I sit in the airport on Saturday morning, many things flood my mind, and today it all seems to come together, maybe because of my long anticipated trip to “my” heaven.  As most of you know I traveled to Glen Highland Farm in upstate New York last year.  It is a Border Collie Rescue that works, rehabilitates and re-homes the breed.  I have always wanted to return since Karen Newhall and I brought 5 dogs here last year.  This week, I hope to tell their story from my point of view and explain to the readers what they actually do.

Their website is beautiful and fun to leaf through, the dogs are striking and there is not one that I would not take home, many people have, only to have their forever companion, giving a great dog a great home. 

Its late evening at the “Adoption House” where I am staying with two dogs that are being transitioned to go to their new home.  Liam and Lennon are brothers, I don’t know their history but they are very sweet dogs.  They will be staying with me during the night and they have already scoped out the bed and I look forward to being with them and their companionship.  Just a few night ago Abby and Dutchess were with me in their usual station in the bed and as I woke that morning, I got my morning sugar, hopefully tomorrow I will also get some.
Liam and Lennon

You see, this would not be a vacation to some, because it's work.  Tonight I had my assignments and tomorrow is full, with much more to come.   The dogs are the first priority to everyone here.  The staff is knowledgeable and willing to work in whatever weather condition it takes.  Liam and Lennon are with me because I am being put to work acclimating them to men and socializing them to different environments.  They have done wonderful, a little shy at first but by Saturday evening, they were crawling all over me licking my face and wanting their butt scratched.  Some may call this work but to the lovers of the breed, this is heaven, trust me…
Liam and Lennon

On Saturday, after I was picked up at the airport by a friend of the farm, but before we traveled to GHF, another passenger was picked up too.  It was a 15 week old Border Collie that needed a good home.  Off we both went, to a place that transforms our minds and hearts, both learning and expanding our wings to live a life we should live… Ken

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Note:  This Sunday morning, it is snowing and when the alarm went off, as fast as they could, Liam and Lennon ran as quickly as they could and jumped in bed and smothered me with kisses and as I type this footnote, I have discovered that you "can" type with two puppies in your lap and 4 paws on the keyboard, just like home...maybe I am...