A Big Day Coming...

I have watched the calendar for the last six months, waiting for this coming week to arrive, but it doesn't compare to the anticipation for this Saturday, the 21st of March.  Several years ago after learning that a dog nirvana rescue place accepted volunteers during the winter, I knew I had to go.  I made phone calls, sent emails and watched their website for information.  That first year, I was too late to apply and didn't make it. The second year, had already been booked full and I was out again but in November of 2014 I got an email from the director, “Hey Ken, just checking in if you think you still want to come for a week this winter?”  My heart skipped a beat and hopefully I was in.  I immediately sent a response back and said just a few words, “Yes, I would love to come” and I was in.  

Dates were exchanged and my week was set for March 21st, I’m on the way I said to myself, I just needed to convince Elaine.  It is something we both have talked about for nearly two years but now it was to be a reality.  I got a big hug and all of her support and then the planning had to take place.  We cleared our calendar for our farm and any services, Elaine even arranged her part time job to be home the whole time while I was away and her dad is also going to visit for the week, they can spend some quality time together.  This would be the first night I would be away from the farm for over two years and is well needed.  After contacting some of the past volunteers, I got the inside scoop on things to bring, everyone was very helpful and lots of ideas were given to me that I didn't think about.

Glen Highland Farm has been a place that I would visit in my mind on many occasions, I would watch their website and read their stories but what really got me was a video of a dog they took in with several medical problems and had little hope.  The video shows the progress the dog made because of their help and became part of their family, no cost, care or time is held back to “right the wrong,” this was a place I needed to go… Why Glen Highland Farm

As many of you already know Karen Newhall and I took 5 dogs to GHF in September 2014 and I vowed to go back.  I knew if I went, there would be work to do, dogs to clean, laundry to wash and around the clock care for the dogs which is ever changing.  I'm sure I'll be under strict supervision because this is not playtime, their job is important and the last thing they need is to coddle a newbie.  Hopefully my Veterinarian experience, my 9 Border Collies and the boarding we do, will help, but until you walk in their shoes, you don't have a clue. 

I do know it was the best place that I have seen for the total care and rehabilitation of the Border Collie breed and it changed my opinion, practices and work we do on our farm.  Because of GHF, I have “seen the light” with the work of the breed we do, knowing they are special because of their intelligence, and I can't wait to get there.

Most nights all of our dogs at our farm comes in-doors after a hard day of playing.  They sit in my lap, sleep next to me on the couch or lay by my feet. If one jumps down from my lap or couch, another one takes their place.  At Glen Highland, I have been told that the cottage I will stay in has at least two dog as residents.  I know they will be at home as this is “their” home and in my heart, this is mine too…  Ken

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Note:  I am taking my laptop on this trip and hopefully I'll be able to post daily stories about my antics and the dogs I meet.

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