Outside and Inside...

When it’s really cold outside, I hear stories all the time about what to do with your dog when it gets bitterly cold outside during the winter, so what should you do?  
There are many scenarios when a dog is bored stiff when they are inside because of the cold weather, which they should be for their safety.  Some dogs and people will play “Stair ball” where a dog will run up the stairs and then back down after the ball, they will get the ball and roll it themselves or with help from the owner and as we all know, BC’s will do this forever and a day.  

Some people will get dog puzzles for them to play with but the downside, BC’s have the puzzles figured out before the wrapping is in the trash.  Most people tell me what they do with only one or two dogs, try 10 dogs.  

Things have changed since we have more dogs with our inside playtime, and for the better.  Once upon a time we would play ball in the family room and two or three dogs would be fine but when more dogs joined in, it became a little distressing.  I have seen the recliner knocked over, tennis balls hitting the flat screen TV on the wall but the coup de grâce was when the Christmas tree got knocked over by the one and only Dutchess on a leaping catch.  
This is not Dutchess
The only thing that has not seen some action is the thirty gallon fish aquarium and I really don’t want to try to catch fish on the floor.   Maybe it’s because they are getting older or wiser and more careful… or we don’t play ball in the family room anymore, I think it’s the latter

During this bitter cold weather, there is a saving grace and that is the ground is frozen and there are no muddy paw prints or dirty floors. 
We did go out this week and I’m telling you it was cold, real cold.  I even wore two coats and my thermal “Lands Ends 40 degree below zero boots” and was still a little frosty.  Thursday morning, I had good intentions to take all of them for a walk around the farm and take some photos because the sun was out and that always helps.  After about 300 feet, I put my hands in my pocket and did not take another picture.  As much as I try to keep them warm, they don’t want to come inside and take a break even when they should.  A few will, but I will look at them from the back door and they look at me but when I crack the door and call for them, they run like a rocket as if we are going for another walk or to play ball and Frisbee.   
Poor Abby will hold one foot up and then another and another just to rotate which one is on the ground because her feet are cold.  They sure are driven and will do everything to stay active no matter what the weather condition is.  

Several weeks ago, a local store had dog beds on sale and I purchased nearly one for each dog for the family room.  

A gift from a friend put to good use...

Everyone loves them and takes advantage of their softness and warmth.  We are at the point where everyone comes in and finds their spot and will lay still for hours.  You just need to keep clear of the door when you say, “let’s go potty”, they are off like a rocket…  Ken
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