"I Have Two Moms"

The pup was the fifth born and it took nearly an hour and a half to move into the birth canal which in itself is not unusual.  It weighed 7.4 ounces which was small compared to the 13 & 14 ounces that the others weighed at birth.  It was a large litter which would contribute to some of that.  Research says some pups have weighed less than half of that and still have very successful and long live.
Usually mom’s milk doesn’t come in until birth but this can vary a little and but nursing stimulates more milk.  According to Dr. Laura, “If all puppies are nursing, this stimulates the release of Oxytocin and then milk production is at its best as long as the puppies are still nursing. There are some dogs that do not have sufficient milk available for their puppies and in this case, you will have to alternate the puppies so that they all get the amount of milk that they need”.  This presented a problem, the pup known as “lit Bit” needed milk and needed it now.  After talking to the Vet, it was suggested that “moms milk” would be best if possible in every case and that is the direction we would take. 
Taking all the other pups off of mom for a private feeding helped “lit Bit”, but we had to do it every hour.  While we regularly checked the weight, it was starting to drop, mom was just slow to get all of the nutrients that were needed and especially for one special pup.  From 7.4 to 7 ounces then 6.8 and 6.4 was drastic and this wasn’t helping but when we reached 6.0 a miracle occurred here on the farm.  Our other female went into labor and her milk was already in before the birthing occurred and right after the last pup was born, “Lit Bit” may get a new mom with all the nutrients that are needed but we still have a large concern and decision…

According to the Daily Puppy,
Mother dogs aren't always able to produce enough milk, and if yours senses that she can't feed her litter, she may reject some or all of them. 
What to do now?  Will both moms reject “lit Bit” and then we are into hand feeding around the clock or would one or both moms reject the whole litter and then we would be feeding all 16 pups?  As fate and faith have it, “lit Bit” got a new mom and after they were placed on the teat, it went right to work.  After a lick on the head and a sniff from the new mom, “Lit Bit” was going to town.  After a good feeding, “Lit Bit” was placed back into “old mom’s” cradle and she also welcomed it in, but after he lick on the head and belly.

So after a night of no sleep and several very trying days of stress “lit Bit” was steady gaining .10’s of ounces and was a very active little pup.  Many people will assume “lit Bit” is a runt, however, I have seen a runt from a litter long ago and this may not be true.  It was a pup that was born from Dutchess and Clancy and he was named after mom.  Dutchess’s pup started nearly the same was and we also had to do special feedings but today, “Dutch” is as big or bigger than Clancy and just as beautiful.

I am truly sorry that I was a little late on the post, however “Lit Bit” is doing well and gaining weight and lucky enough to have two two moms…
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