Last week I mentioned summer is here and with the very nice and warm weather, we have been doing a lot of water and summer activity this week.  The weather has been great and the mornings are perfect for a walk in the cool air and warm sunshine.  A friend of the family, came over last Sunday with their dogs.  It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the company with someone who has the same passion that we have about our Border Collies and the day was filled with lots of water sports and dock diving.
Nellie & Ruby
The dogs were raring to go and even seemed to anticipate the fun and as predicted, they were the stars of the day.  The hardest job I had was to push the button on the camera but they really turned on.  I did post some of the photos on our Facebook page and there were many comments and questions about the skill of swimming and diving.  One question that seems to always pup up, is “how do they do it or how can I get my dog to do that?”  The answer is I really don’t know except for a few observations that I have seen in the past.  Lots of people seem to become the expert when getting a dog into the water.  Molly was young and we semi-forced her into the water and she couldn’t be any more scared and it’s something she will never do except where she can touch the ground, only getting her belly wet.  I know she can swim because once she was so excited and was at the edge and fell off the dock and swam to shore.
We are watching Katelyn Grace this week and she learned the art of swimming is just about 15 seconds and has taken to it in a natural way.  I had her on the platoon boat and slowly lowered her into the water and after she swam to shore, and shook off, she went right back to playing and the next day, the same thing, but yesterday, she got in herself and getting slopping wet.
Today, she will follow the big dogs in and actually swim to anything that peeked her interest.  When we have pups, I will usually get in the water and coax them to me with a ball or by calling their name and once they take their first step, its party on and they are hooked for life.  
Annie's first time in the water
“Captain Jack” comes several times a year and although he loves the water, he would never jump off the dock but last week, he did.  He would get so excited, and watch in earnest while the others did it and in a flash, off he went into 18 feet of water, swam to shore and repeated the same scene 10 times in a roll.  They do it because they want to, want to please and peer pressure with the other dogs.  Not all my dogs will jump so it’s not a given in all cases, but I think they might if we worded one on one but they seem content watching and barking at the others.  I would be very hesitant to pick up a dog and throw it in the water and this can have lasting effects.
When Nelly and Ruby came over, we had a ball.  Ruby was always a little hesitant but she wouldn't let her big sister show her up and she did learn this week with each dive, there was great improvement and I’m sure each time will get better. 

Ruby's first day and lot's of improvement
 It’s always a pleasure to watch them in action. Enjoy...

Whether they are graceful or just fall in, they have a ball and I enjoy watching...  Ken
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