Summer Begins...

As always, “This Week’s” story comes with a bang.  Most are usually something that happens at the end of the week and as you might envision, I am never short of material and usually it’s because of the dogs and “This Week” is no exception.  Although I had a little accident on the mower Saturday, and as I was walking back to the house to get the tractor to right the wrong.
“This Week’s” story came to me and it was another “aha moment” and as I looked heavenly upward, I thought “This is another theatrical moment and you really drove the point home…again” but it’s known that I am a good learner…sometimes.
Spring is the dog’s favorite time, the grass starts to grow, the days get warm and long, the lake gets warm (but it never makes a difference to them) the mud dries up and most importantly the mower starts again.  During the winter months, not much machinery runs for various reasons but summer time is game on.  Once the season starts, they think that every time I walk out the back door and walk to the pole barn to get a machine, it’s only for their sole pleasure.  Just walking that way starts the excitement.  If they are laying or sitting anywhere in the vicinity, their eyes get big, ears perk up, prancing is everywhere and some ever start to bark.  Keely will take off running, jumping the decorative fence taking Abbie with her even if the gate open just because they can.  The others will run nearly 30 feet and stop and wait but barking all the time.  Whether it’s the tractor, Gater, chain saw, blower or lawnmower, if it goes varoom-varoom, it means to start running, and I don’t know where, just somewhere.
As we all know it can be dangerous.  Years ago, one of our first dogs “Max” was running alongside our neighbor’s 4 wheeler and he got so excited, he turned the wrong way and they ran directly over him, they sped to the house and Max followed and was good as new.  They were so apologetic but everything was fine and Max wanted more.  If I cut grass, they will lay a ball or a stick in front of the mower so I will have to stop and play and I will tell you, there are times when I don’t see the ball and boy does it fly across the yard.  I’m sure they have figured it out and think I drive a big ball launcher and it is their personal toy.  The thing that worries me the most is when they run through the woods.  They will bob in and out of the trees, not really watching the trail ahead, only each other and I can’t imagine the processing that is going through their brain in milliseconds.  “Just be careful kids” is always on my mind and shouted at times but nothing can break them from running and having a good time.

I like water sports best, there is usually no collisions except the time when Clancy jumped on top of me as I relaxed on a raft and I’m sure they all want the raft to themselves.  
As always, be careful with automobiles, even mine have no fear of them and will walk as close as they can as someone pulls in.  Dutchess does it to be the first in the car, just to see if they brought her anything or she may even discovers something under the seat.  All in all be careful with cars.  They can be deadly for I know… we have lost 7 of our adult pups to vehicle accidents and of course just last week Roxie left is... 
Roxie's last home on this earth...
but I know she is patiently waiting with a "chuck-it ball launcher" in her mouth.
This is the beginning of the summer season and keep it safe and remember…don’t drive your mower up a steep hill near gravel, water, sticker bushes at full speed, you will come down even faster, sometimes upside down…Ken