A Bump in the Road...

If you have followed our Facebook page, you know we had a bump in the road and at times we get bumped around more than our share and while it seems unfair, we always learn and do better the next time. Hopefully, we will learn again and there will be positive outcomes in the future.   

As many know, Doc tested positive for Heartworms, although expensive, timely, life-threatening and it’s hard to keep him quiet, (remember he’s a BC), I have learned from it and will share that info soon.  Sometimes it seems that hard-luck falls all around me but I am so blessed by the lessons I learn and share.  I’ve often said, “Just about the time I’m up on all dog issues will be the time that I’m too old for dogs”.

But why do we do the things we do with our dogs.  I can tell you, our life has changed because of them and when a new pup goes home, one of the first things I tell the new owners is “Your life will change”  and it does, sometimes not as it is originally planned, but it changes and you see your life shape in different ways. 

I have followed a family who got a Border Collie and unfortunately had to have both hips operated on.  While I know it was a huge ordeal, it was done with no questions asked.  Many sacrifices were made and as I watch the progress “Bodie” has made I rejoice in the success and know he has a wonderful family and future life.  I do know the owners have met many wonderful people through social media, most they will never know in person, but friends were made, the pain was shared and love blossomed, because of a dog.

According to Bodie's owner, "even though it's so tough for him, he never hesitates to go right back in his crate. He still keeps amazing me, this young puppy is so amazing with all he has been thru. I love this guy so much".  Just the short time he is allowed to get out of his crate until he fully heals, he gives total devotion and love to his owner.

Doc’s treatment is expensive but there was never a question of what to do, I wrote a blank check and words were never said or ask.  There was never a doubt, but why do we do this?  We can do so much more with the money, but we will step up to the plate and at least take a swing and aim for the fence making sacrifices along the way, we are their caretaker.  It might be a bump, but we do it and the bump may hurt, but so much is learned.  One might say that the Creator has placed us, the descendants of Mankind, to be the "caretaker" of "God's garden" and all the animals therein (Genesis 2:19-20).  This morning, Doc will go to Easter service with us because I know he will sleep in the car and I know he will keep still, and as most of us know, we will do anything. 

A notable sixteenth-century Jewish leader, says that a dog is a creature of love. Hence, the Hebrew name for a dog is “kulo lev" or "all heart."  Adam and Eve were instructed by God to give all the animals of the world their Hebrew names (Genesis 2:19-20). When they made this personal connection with the beasts of the world, the names they chose were accurate so as to capture the heart of each animal into a name that truly revealed its soul.  The Hebrew name for a dog was precisely chosen to be indicative of the loving soul of this marvelous creature.  The name “Dog” spelled backward is God, how fitting, they give their all.

The Greek word used for “worship,” means to kiss like a dog licking his master's hand and it’s fitting that when my dogs lick my head or face, I know they love with all their heart, did we ever feel more loved?  They worship us with all they have and that’s all we ever want.

On this Easter morning whether you attend church or stay home remember that your dog would give their life for us, as it happened to the Son of God 2000 years ago.  It might be a bump in the road, but there is a reason and the rewards for “us” are mind-boggling and hard to fathom.

Happy Easter…
If I ever wonder how much God loves me, I look at my dogs and see total devotion and love…