It’s so funny to watch them do the things they do…Of Course Border Collies is what I am talking about.  Even on this page, it says “There are so many things that happen during a week with eight Border Collies and it is so fun to share” and that’s true.  But there is a warning here that we need to heed.  I do not believe in evolution as it is stated from a single cell and if this is the case, and in time, Border Collies will become our masters.  Just look at the things they do and the intelligences they have.  They are thinkers and planners and if they had thumbs they could drive a car. 

I see each one of them cock their head as if gaining more knowledge and when they turn from one side to the other and the smarts actually seems to come to them, because they usually figure it out.  Last night just about killed me from laughter, as Annie is always hungry because she needs the nutrition for the babies.  A big bag of corn chips was finished and it had a few crumbs in it and Annie was interested in it and as usual, I gave her a last crumb by hand and she decided she wanted to clean the bag.  I was on the couch and so was the bag.  She jumped next to me and stuck her head inside the bag, trying to get all the little pieces.  She was not having any success in reaching the bottom and she raised her head up and places the bottom of the bag on the back of the couch and ever so gently, pushed her head to the bottom, licking all the way.  She had figured out that if you push against something and turn your head up, a reward is in the works.  What made it so funny, she would lick the side of the bag as she was pushing her head to the bottom of the clear bad.  She then jumped off the couch where she had more room and would walk around effortlessly hold the bag up in the air and getting the very last tasty fragments.  After she was satisfied it was empty, she held her head down and put one paw on the bag and so effortlessly took it off and jumped back on the couch licking her lips.  No shaking the bag or ripping it up, logic used and problem solved as is done many times with many problems.

I have seen them do things that have surprised me and the way they solve a problem is remarkable.  Each dog is different and I have seen many do things, but the smarts they have can get them into problems because they think and problem solve all the time and at times, I think they can out solve me.  In an exhausted statement, I have ask Elaine "am I stupid or is the dog smarter than me"...and do not want to know the answer. 

If there is any species that can/would evolve, it would be the Border Collie and God help us if Dutchess starts to grow thumbs…can you imagine…I can’t… Ken