Nana's & PaPaw's House

As some of you know, we do board Border Collie dogs at times.  This started when we would want to see our pups again after they went home, so made it available for our pup owners to let the dogs stay here with their dog parents and we could play with them again while they were on vacation.  This started many years ago and has increased a little and it seems like we now get old friends to stay with us.  We have seen them grow up and now, we even see “just” a little gray in some selected spots and I never thought I’d see the day of the gray, but then I never thought I would see it on mine, and now it is a reality.
It always starts when they get out of the car and they run to me and some even roll on their back and lift their paws up to me and to play.  Many will run and jump a hard as they can, knocking me backwards while the owners will say…”this never happens at home”, but now they are at Nana’s and Papaw's” house and things are just a little different.  I will ask if they mind if we spoil them but usually, we just don’t ask, but they know.  Usually, they get to sleep in the house and jump on the furniture and lay in my lap.
This year, we have started to see something different.  I have notices that most every dog will gravitate to me and follow me around.  They lay by my feet when I am writing and make a point to lay in my lap when I'm sitting…for hours...  Xena, one dog who boarded earlier this month was just like this.  She stayed in the house the whole time, slept in the bed and was in my lap the whole time she was here…for hours and a lot of dogs will do this and I know it's because she will at home...and it was wonderful on cold days when be both took a little nap, warming us both.
About 9 months ago, Elaine sat on the couch (she usually is in a rocker) and I sat on the other couch (we have two in the family room) and she made room for a dog to sit with her and she wanted some attention from them.  We had three dogs inside and two jumped on the couch with her but kept looking at me and I had just one.  
After about 10 minutes, both dogs jumped off and came over to me, leaving her without any dogs.  “I just don’t understand this, why do they always go to you”? she said, I answered as best as I could…”That’s simple”  “What do you mean, what is it”?  “So simple” I said…”What is it”!!! “They just don’t like you” I snickered and she even laughed…”OK, but really what is it” she said.  “Look… I feed them, see them nearly 24 hours a day, play with them, walk with them and even sing to them and they look at me as the caretaker and leader”.  The one thing I also mentioned is that I make them mind and they do the things they ask.  Elaine is soft hearted and will baby talk them when she wants them to do something, I put on the “Big Boy” voice and they know I mean it and will do it out of respect, but this is what they want.  They want to follow a leader and if they don’t have one, someone will become the leader and that’s not always good, but that night I had three trying to get in my lap or at least in my arms.
I will tell you, it can be overwhelming at times and I just want my space too, especially if I'm trying to put on my shoes or type.  Elaine says it’s because I am the “man” meaning I am their leader, but not hers...never her she said, and that’s OK.  Every dog is different and that’s what makes it fun.
As Christmas comes up, remember what this time of year is really all about and share your love, especially with your dog…Ken

Merry Christmas Little Shepp and Max...and all of our little pups and dogs, you always bring joy to our life and you're always welcome to come and see us at Nana and PaPaw's house....

Note: all of the dogs in this post are guest dogs...except one, Doc with his son who came to visit.