Christmas Morning at the Farm

Updated from December 25th, 2011
Well the time finally arrived and I knew it would and with a big bang… It wasn’t two seconds past midnight and as the clock struck 12 midnight, they all woke up and I heard them running for the office and it sounded like thoroughbreds on a racetrack. I was up and doing some business on the computer and I heard them coming.
They barked all the way in and sat in a circle around my chair. “What are you doing?” they said… “Business” I said... “What do you want, I’m busy” I said, just toying with them because I really knew what they wanted.
“IT’S CHRISTMAS MORNING, SANTA'S BEEN HERE” They all said in turn. “It’s barely past midnight” I said…”Let’s go and see, let’s go and see” they said. I know he’s been here, let’s go, let’s go let’s go… Nothing to do but get up and go in the family room and see if Santa’s been here. As we walked down the hall, all the dogs ran around me in circles and by the time we got to the room they were staggering like drunken sailors
“Oh My Goodness, He’s been here, YEA, YEA, YEA!" they all exclaimed, over and over again. "OK, let’s go in order."  I said.
“Clancy, what did you ask for?" I said, “A big bag of Rawhide” “Did you get it?” I ask, “You bet and more and now I have so many, I can share with everyone. I’m glad Santa didn’t remember I wanted to be selfish once.”  "He usually doesn't" I said…

"OK Molly, your turn, what did you get."  “I got so many, just look at all the tennis balls I got, there is a hundred I bet.” “What are you going to do with them?” I ask. “We're all going to play, and play bunches."  “You look disappointed, is there something wrong?” I ask. “No” she said, “it’s just… just…never mind, It’s OK."

“Meg, what did you get?” I ask. She had slipped on her bright green collar and looked like a princess with her red fur. “Do I look pretty?” she asked. “Just like my Princess," I said, " you look beautiful, but it’s not the collar.”

“Abbie, your turn.” I said. She looked and said, “I don’t understand” and she looked puzzled. "What is it?"  She showed me a photo of a large area of land. “I can’t do anything with this” she said. I told her that Santa had left me instructions of a place where she could run as fast and far as she wanted to. “I can’t get there” she said. “That’s part of the present” I said, “We can do this together, just you and me” “Can we take a tennis ball?” Molly spoke up and said “You can take one of my new ones!” “Thank you Mom, I love you.” said Abbie. Clancy said “you can take a rawhide to chew on during the ride.” “Thank you too Dad, I love you too.”

"Annie what did you get?” I ask. “Books and more books, now I can learn to do things that everyone else can do!” she said. All the dogs spoke up and each took their turn and told her that they would help her fit in and learn things. “Thanks, everyone, now I am one of you and not a misfit.” "No you’re not a misfit, you’re family…we love you, because you are family."

And that brings us to Dutchess. I had to ask, “Dutchess, what did you get?” “Holy Cra*, look at all these Frisbees!" "DUTCHESS, I’m surprised you got anything." I said, “Just look at all of these things, I can play for days and even carry two of them in my mouth. This is great! Just look, I love them!” She said, and then I saw something I usually don’t see. You see, Dutchess is a dog that’s wants everything, just for her. She bowed her head and picked up the green Frisbee and took it to Meg. “Here, this is for you, it will look good with your red fur."  “Thank you Dutchess.” said Meg.
“Hey what about us”…as Gabby and Doc jumped in.  “We’re new around here” and they are new to the Christmas tradition…but seem to fit right in.  Molly, Clancy and even old scrooge Dutchess shared some of their gifts this season and Abbie offered to let them run with her in the open fields that she got for a present.  You see we all got what we wanted but most importunely, we “got” each other.  For you see four of the dogs were a gift to the farm and we took them as our own and they are…We are a team and now Doc and Gabby are part of us…Gabby said “I was older when I came here and had to leave my home” Dutchess jumped in and said “I was too…Abbie and even Doc had homes and we came here too…did you see all the Frisbees I got…isn’t this place great”  Gabby said…”yes, it is, we all got a new homes now and I think it’s forever” and I jumped in and said it was…
Well it’s over for another year, all the presents were opened and paper was all over the house, and as I was cleaning up, I thought about what had happened. You see Christmas is about love and family. It’s about helping each other to become better and growing and reaching out and thinking of someone else but ourselves. But I think it’s mostly about love.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. This is Love…
This is our family, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, but we love and help each other and any of us are just a whisper away if needed.
“Molly, Come here”! I said. I went to the family room and sat in my recliner. I patted my lap and said come on, “I owe you some lap time” She looked surprised because she didn’t get everything she asked for. I told her that Santa sent me a special note just for her. As she sprang into my lap, she circled once and then twice and settled down but before she fell to dreamland, she moved to the side so Gabby could have room too… as Doc curled at my feet. I patted everyone on their head and thought to myself. “Yes” we've got everything we wanted, we usually do, and we don’t always know it.  Give your dog a hug....

Merry Christmas from the dogs. Life is good...God is good