Just a thought…

As most of you know, I don’t write the blog until the last minute for Sunday morning.  It is now Saturday night and nearly 9:20 PM and I have just sat down to write about the dogs and “what happened this week”.  I sometimes ponder about what I will write about because it was a slow week or I will have enough stories for a month from that same week.  As I sit at the keyboard, I thought back to when I put the dogs in their kennel tonight.  
Just this very night as I said “Let’s go eat”, everyone mechanically goes to their own kennel door and stands and waits for me to open the gate if it’s closed, but if it’s open they will proceed into their own kennel and wait for me.  Tonight, Doc was first and as I looked into his eyes, he seemed so content and I took both hands and stroked his face and while I was doing it, he closed his eyes and seemed to drift into a dream world.  He seemed so content, and so was I.  It was a dream for both of us. 
Molly was next and when I opened her door, as always she wilted to the floor on her bed and as her eyes followed me, just the very tip of her tail wags and anticipates when I will rub her head, which I do. 
Meg just flops down and waits for her food.  She is the smallest dog that makes so much commotion of any dog I have ever seen when she lies down but will watch me for instructions.
The twins, Annie and Gabby are about the same to each other, except, Gabby is the very last to go in, and always needs a little extra coaxing because she wants every last minute to stay out and play, she never gives it up willingly and always walks to the kennel with her head down to the ground, but she lets me know she is not happy.
Abbie goes right in and always looks weathered because she played so much and is usually limping or has scratches here and there, but those eyes will pierce your soul and you can't help rubbing her head and like her mother as just the very tip of her tail will start to wiggle for me.
Clancy and Dutchess don't have to go in because early Sunday morning, we are heading up to Indianapolis for some dog work and they are going inside, just so we can keep an “eye” on them and they don’t get dirty or into mischief.  As I sit and watch everyone eat tonight, each one has their own routine and after they eat, they will usually make a “nest” and settle in for the night. 
Tonight, we have two guest border collies too, Keely is from Molly and Clancy and looks a little bigger than Abbie and they even look like twins.  Tuki a guest we are watching and trying to get a little socializing in before her sheep training.  Even both of them know the routine and will submit to the rules and are such a pleasure to be around because they are good dogs and only want to share their love, which they do.
Now... the hard part.  Who gets to come in tonight?  Sometime the decision is easy.  Who is wet or dirty and who came in last night is sometimes a deciding factor, but tonight everyone is dry and clean.  Once, when Elaine had to make the decision, all 8 of them came in and there was no room for me to sleep and I just gave them my part of the bed.   She just didn't want to make a decision, but tonight it is Abbie, my little misfit confidante, it was the eyes that decided and the very small wiggle of her tail, nothing else.
There are many times I wish I only had one dog because I don’t like making decisions and there are times I wish I had a hundred dogs and a room and bed big enough for all of them.  If you only have one or two, count your blessings, most chairs and beds are big enough for all of you but in my case it’s a little different and I must share.
As I say goodnight tonight, I look at all the sad faces, sing them a song and close the door, but they never know I peek in the window just to see them once again and only wish there was room…
Even now and at times I will lie down on the driveway and let all of them have their turn kissing, licking and showering me with the only love they know and I will be in heaven. With every litter of pups we have ever had, this was our routine and if you're an owner of one of ours, just lie down and see what you are missing.
Someday soon, and as time marches on, I will lay in the "big meadow" and all of my dogs will meet me and there will be room and time enough for the fun and love we have to share before we cross together…Hopefully, God will have Frisbees.   Ken

Heaven is the place of final and complete happiness that God has prepared for us...and if animals are necessary to make us happy, then you can be sure God will have them there.  "Reverend Billy Graham