Once a Dog Parent... Part 2

In July, I wrote about being a dog parent and the trials and troubles you may go through.  

Once a Dog Parent  July 2013

For several days life was touchy and things did not look so good.  Both made multiple trips to the Vet and to a Vet Emergency facility.  
Two of my dogs were in real trouble, I was devastated and because both of them were special pups and adult dogs, it hit me pretty hard, all within several hours and it was such a letdown after a great weekend.  As they left, I knew both dogs were a little under the weather, but we attributed it to all the running and playing.  Little did we know in just a few hours both of them which were many states apart would be in trouble, and both for several days. 

 You see, it might be your dog, but it will always be my pup.   I sat on pins and needles waiting for the test results and even gave my advice on what test should be run and told them “make sure to take their temperature and watch for infection”!  I just wanted the best for them but I also knew they were in good hands, and they were. 

Today is a follow up and how things can change in 3 months.  We had a semi reunion here with two families and as fate would have it, it was with the same two dogs that were injured on the same day in June here on the farm from playing and running.  The owners have other dogs that are ours and we had a grand time because everyone was healed, and back to normal.  Now don’t think it was an overnight thing, Tucker had to wear a “Cone” for at least 3 months and Hope had to take it easy for some time too, but both are back to normal and today was their day to shine and they did.  Most of my dogs get hurt in one way or the other, just ask my Vet, they can attest to that, but just like your kids, you always worry even if it's a pup you have sold.

Today started like any other and even a little rain that started this morning didn't hurt a thing, but the sun soon came out and it was game on.

You will always wonder about your “kids”, as a breeder you hate to hear bad news, but the good news is always refreshing and makes you know that things are right, and today, everything was right.  Here are a few photos of today's activities.
Nearly 20 dogs


Both Hope and Tucker are good as new, but you will always worry about all of them.  I love to hear how all my little pups are doing.  Some I hear from often and some I have never heard from since they walked out our door, something that I truly miss, but I always think of every last of one.
 If you are an owner, I understand you may be busy, but remember, you have a piece of my heart with you in your dog.  As I have always said, "it may be your dog, but it will always be my pup"  Ken

The song I sung to them every night before I tuck them in...

If I had words to make a day for you
I'd sing you a song golden and true
I would make this day last for all time
Give you a night in deep moonshine

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