Just an Update

Things are going great this week, Clancy has not licked his stitches at all and he is doing well and ready to play, they will come out very soon and hopefully he'll be good as new.  We have had to keep him in the house a little more, but he is getting a lot of attention if that is possible.  I am still sad that his line will be gone and I even looked into freezing some of his sperm to keep it going, but it was cost prohibited it and it was nearly 200 miles away for each trip.  There will never be another, but I guess we can say that about any of our dogs, they are all special.

There is lots of work to be done around here, we have installed a furnace for the kennel that will keep up and will keep the temperature the same because of a thermostat, new dog doors and ceiling insulation.  I will be glad of getting rid of the heat lamps and have a more controlled environment and it will be cheaper too.  Nothing too good for the dogs... 

There is work to be done on the calendars and getting ready for that, please remember, make up your mind if you want one so I’ll have enough to send out.  Remember, it will cost about $15.00 and that includes shipping.  There will be more on the particulars as time gets closer.  I hope to have that ready to mail out by December 1st.

Clancy and Dutchess are getting ready for their evaluation for Pet Partners and the therapy work that goes along with it.  As you know, Dutchess can change from a clown one minute to a Frisbee maniac in just a moment so I don’t know who will show up.  It is very strict and there is no room for mistakes, wish me the best, and the elevation will be the first week of November.  It is something all of us should look into because of the satisfaction that goes along with it for both of us.  We are going to a practice session tomorrow.

As far as me getting better, things are fine, better every day and making progress.  I was so lucky that I have had no problems except an inner ear problem and hopefully that will go away soon, if not, it’s something I can deal with and get used to.
We have a busy year this year and hopefully a bust one next year, it gives me purpose and I enjoy doing things around the house.  The rescue work as done fantastic and from my website and Facebook, we have placed 100% of the dogs that were featured by me.  Hopefully, that will keep up and make lots of dogs and people happy.
We are getting lots of calls on dogs and puppies, some with problems and some looking for a home.  Remember, if you have any problem, concern or just want to tell a story, please let me know and if I don’t know the answer, I will find out.  Always feel free to ask for help or let me know if you have a question.

Elaine is at the Covered Bridge Festival with her best girl friend and I am home with the dogs.  Tonight we’ll watch what we want on TV, eat what we want and when we want.

Stay safe and give your dog a hug…I’ll have 8 dogs in the bed tonight. Ken