It Always Happens...

It happened every year, just like clockwork.  It’s something that happens twice a year and it was getting close.  The dog’s sensed something was going on and they were a little antsy too, not sure what was going on, but knew it would be an adventure.  This year, Doc would be in the mix and it would be new to him.  He can sometime be just a little shy about things, so I was a little unsure of how he would react. 
In the past, it was always took a day or so getting ready for the big event and the work was always shared by all of the dogs.  Each wanted to help and pull their weight.  In the past, Abbie and Meg would do the most work and then Annie.  Dutchess would always want something to do, but it was always with a tennis ball in her mouth. 
Molly would express little interest, but Clancy could care less.  Doc on the other hand, this would be new to him….so let’s see….
So with all of the work done, it was time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Everyone watched me and as I prepared for the big event, everyone stood still waiting for me to make the move that they were so familiar with except Clancy, he was watching something in the forest but Dutchess has the tennis ball in her mouth eagerly waiting. 
Usually about the middle of September, this rite of passage is something we always do, but this year, with the cool nights, it started just a little early and I was excited, but the dogs were just a little unsure, so here we go…
As I eased into the water, all saucer eyes were watching me, some with excitement, some with fear and some didn't care, but down I went.

Dutchess and Abbie were so excited, they could hardly contain them-self, they remembered all the fun thay had and were ready to get started again this fall, or almost fall...
Even little gabby got into it and wanted to play, she usually follows the other dogs, but she did express a little interest to play "Hot-Tub", but we should see.

It's always so relaxing to enjoy the heated water and just to relax and drift off in never never land.  As I shut my eyes, Dutchess will throw a ball in the water and paw at it until she gets it to the side, and toss it again.  Meg will lick my neck from the side, moving up to my side and into my ear, this usually feels good until she gets into my brain, Abbie will bark at me and will balance herself and when she gets bored, she will try to walk along the narrow edge, falling usually one way or the other, usually in.  Molly only fell in once on Saturday.  Doc and Gabby were nervous into what to do, so I guess Clancy is the best Hot Tub dog, really not caring and just looking into the woods.  My day in the Hot Tub.  Maybe someday I can have a day all be myself, but then it's wouldn't be a hot tub day...  Ken
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