We're Having A Baby...

Were having a what?…
“A baby”…I heard this as I was walking into the kitchen one morning this week and thought I had lost my mind, did I hear you right?”
I asked again “We're having a baby!” with much expression...
“Twins”  My mind went blank and I knew I was too old to start a family again and especially twins.
Elaine starting laughing, which I didn't think was too funny as my mind drifted back to diapers, feeding, and all the things that go along with a baby!  When I thought about two, I lost it…but…but…how is this possible?  I thought you were fixed…I mean spayed…I mean your tubes were tied, right!? Right”?  Elaine laughed again and said they were going to drop them off.  Now I know we have made a lot of medical advances but this is ridiculous.  “They don't drop them off, or have they advanced that far too... you're pulling my leg…..aren't you?” In my mind I prayed I was right.
“No silly” She said and added, "we have two of Annie’s pups coming for a  visit.  It’s the twins!  You know!" She was referring to the red merle and blue merle pups that Annie had that we have always called the twins. We call Annie and Gabby the twins too.  “OH God," I said, "you almost gave me a heart attack!” as I wiped the sweat off my face with the dish towel. 
It was true; KC and Gracie were coming for a  visit.  They live with different human parents but would  be staying with us on the same days.  KC lives just across the street from us and we see her often. She plays with our dogs every time she comes for a visit, you might say she is the country girl and... 

KC...AKA, Country Girl

Gracie, who the lives near Indianapolis is the city girl! This would be her first trip back to the farm where she was born.  She is coming with her brother "Bob" who is a son of Clancy and Molly. 

Gracie...AKA, City Girl

It will be lots of fun and they will get to spend time  with their mother Annie and their dad, Doc. 

Annie & Pups

When both of the pups got here, it was like a reunion, two sisters and Mom.  Everyone ran and danced and skipped around!  Annie would roll them over and clean them, spinning them around and around.  Off they went just like the old days of chasing and barking at each other as they tumbled to the ground wrestling.
  Both girls learned to swim. KC had been in the water before, but Gracie took right to it like a duck on a June bug.
Gracie had not run with the big dogs before like KC had, but in just a day she took to running with the pack, not letting her sister have anything over on her.  They got to explore mysterious things like a drain pipe, a jolly ball and played in lots and lots of water.
It was a wonderful time and everyone was on their best behavior.  But as you know, all good things must come to an end and it was time for everyone to go home.  It's always sad to see them leave, but I take comfort knowing that they had a great day, playing with each other and hopefully will see each other again very soon.

Gracie saying goodbye to her mom...

and KC watching them leave

It's always so nice to see them all again and welcome them back "home", even if it's only for a short time. Come back soon girls...Dad