What I Hate Most...

If you have been here to visit our little farm, I’m sure you might have an understanding of what I’m talking about “if” you have a situation like mine.  Some people who visit do and we share a common concern and problem.  I have seen this in my life and don't understand how it can continue over and over.  Just today while I was walking the dogs it happened not once, not twice but many times, over and over again.  I just don't know what it is but it seems to happen to me more than other people.
I have seen times when people will bring their dog over to have a play day and I'll be darned, it will happen, not to everyone but it seems like I am the target.  This is not a quandary that happens to everyone, but it seems to happen to me more than it should.

Oh I can understand it occurring once in awhile and even would welcome the situation in the right predicament, but every day and every time, I know they plot against me and I can see their little beady eyes look at me, especially Dutchess.  Molly my heart dog would never do it but Dutchess, that’s another story, and as much as I care for her, she will run to me and just do it for meanness and then run off laughing inside.  I even think that they conspire to “get” me because when guest dogs come over, they will group together and plot their offence.  There are times when I think I have escaped the jaws of torment but right when I thought I was clear of their torture, I was blindsided, caught off guard and make to look like a fool.

There have been several times when I actually had to change my pants; yes you heard it, change my pants.  How humiliating, a grown man with wet pants, embarrassed, and had to walk the walk of shame to the house.  I have seen others take my punishment but I know it was a mistake, should never have happened, but it did.

It always ends the same the situation is right all things are in place and “BAM” it happened, but what surprises me is when it does occur, we are always having a ball, literally a ball.  Everybody is running, barking, fetching and cooling off, running more and of course fetching the ball or Frisbee till the cows come home.  I take time out of my day to play with them and do the things they want and this is what I get.  It’s a hard life for the dog marshal…
 This is what I'm talking about, the "shake", yes you saw it and I'm sure you've seen it here.  The dreadful shake can get you anytime or anyplace.  Why I seen my dogs and even guest dogs run 100 yards to get right next to me and shake, bringing a torrent of "dog rain" to me and not losing a drop of water on the way.
 The above photo is a rare example of a dog not on a mission, you will note there is not a person anywhere around, so this shake was fruitless.
This is a "get in your face" shake, the cousin to the "back of the knees" shake which is the local favorite here on the farm and what a great day it is to shake me with a tennis ball in your mouth.  
So if you visit the farm a word of caution...Don't stand next to me unless you want to get wrapped up with the "Shake" and with several dogs you might even have to change your pants.

Note:  Today being Fathers day, If at all possible, give your dad a hug, it would mean a lot, I wish I could.  Fathers have your best interest in mind and most show it many different ways not always seeming right at the time.  I was 21 years old before I ever heard my Father say "I love you", but I always knew.  He was placed in a orphan home when he was one year old and didn't know what it was to love someone.  He was a great man.

Second Note:  To Clancy...Happy Father's Day.  Thanks to all the little pups you produced and even to the ones that were not planned but to your endurance, made beautiful little bundles of fur...