It's Getting Close

Well Here we Are…
It’s just a few days away until the 1st Annual “Shuck’s Border Collie Reunion”, a time for people that have one of our pups to come back home and visit for the weekend here at Dogwood Ridge Farms. 
I have said many times since we started planning this, “It will be Heaven or Hell”, but I know it will be so much fun to see the dogs again; some having never been back, but are coming to see their Mom and Dad and visit the farm again where they were born.  We have lots planned, both educational and things just for the dogs of course.  We will have a schedule of events that we will follow because the dogs will never get out of the water or stop playing and running and according to them, play and running is the only thing that is the order for the day.
It’s been busy leading up to this, having the pups earlier in the month and all the things that go with that.  A lot of planning is going into this and as always, I save the worst jobs around the yard for the last.  Whose idea was it to have it the last week of June?  June sounds like a “Cool month” as far as the temperature but whoever planned this should've thought of May or October, (Note to self…May and October sounds cooler).  Hopefully with all the dogs getting in the water and doing the “shake” we should stay cool or wet at the very least. 
It’s been a struggle to get ahead of the “fixin up” because the dogs just don't understand that you are not always the center of their universe.  Dutchess said… “I mean… WHY… do you have to cut the grass”?
As she lays the Frisbee in the path of the mower not once but on every pass, but I guess it's my fault, I do try to entertain them.
Abby will stand in the water at the edge, wanting to know when we are going to swim, flashing those big brown eyes. 
Molly just wants to go inside and lay in front of the TV but I have to let her in and then out and then in again.  Meg just wants to run and Gabby is right by her side every step of the way.
And of course Annie is carrying the Jolly Ball around in her mouth, just ready for any action.  

Clancy and Doc usually act pretty normal, but they don't understand why I can't take care of the girls and then they step in to shape them up.

I'm sure we'll all have a grand old time and get acquainted with each other.  Many of the people coming are friends with each other on Facebook and are look forward to finally meeting each other with their dogs and sharing stories.  I do look forward to sitting around the campfire at night with people camping and having an ice cold beer  ice tea.

Several people have ask "Why do you want to do this" and I have even ask myself the same question and the only reason I can think of is because I do like people, Border Collies and fun.  The truth is I want all of my dogs and pups to have the best chance possible to have a fulfilled life, never wanting for love or a job... thats what makes a good border collie and a good BC breeder, and if I can get everyone together and accomplish just a small part of that, I have done my job... You see, I have said many times to nearly every pup owner that left this farm, "it might be your dog, but it will always be my pup".  Ken