The Notice

As the postman walked away from our door, I got a little worried about the contents of the official “Special Delivery” letter that was just handed to me that I had to sign for.  My mind flashed over the things that I have been involved with during the last year or so and I tried to think of anything that may have happened, nothing came to mind.  Maybe I won something or a long lost uncle put me in his will, but as luck would have it, that was not the case as the letter would state.  It was just the opposite…  Looked like bad news…
I was scheduled to attend a meeting the very next day and it stated “Attendance is mandatory; “failure to comply is punishable by law”.  This looks serious, but what I didn't understand, was the location of the meeting… It was at my house! This seemed strange, but who knows, maybe they wanted to look at my business books or check to see if I paid my taxes.  My mind was now racing, what in the world could this be?  The sweat was running down my back!  The next day I walked into the family room….
It can't be…
I never…
How strange…
Oh my Goodness
Ohhhhhh Crap
Sitting in the front of the room before me was one of my most beloved dogs…yes, you heard me right…
“This meeting will come to order, we have a problem that needs to be addressed” he said.
“What the”…..I started.
“QUIET…this meeting has been called to order, did you not hear?”
I was speechless; nothing would or could prepare me for this.
Molly, Dutchess, Meg, Annie, Abbie, Gabby and Doc were also in attendance, but Clancy was the leader which I thought was fitting.  This was a scene taken right out of George Orwell’s  Animal Farm.   The farm animals have taken over, except it was only the Border Collies, (no chickens, cats or fish were in attendance) which made it all the scarier.
My mind racing, I still couldn't get my brain wrapped around the problem.  Clancy stated that while they appreciated the farm and all, there was ONE problem that needed to be corrected immediately!  Without   further ado he stated quite loudly “We Need More Play Time”!!  With this being said, the other Border Collies nodded their heads in total agreement and Dutchess shouted “more food too”...  Clancy’s gaze focused on me, he asked “And what say you?” everyone was looking at me.
I thought my defense was pretty straight forward and I was doing a pretty good job keeping everyone busy.  However, I knew I had probably been a little lax in this area simply because of all the work involved in building the new fence and adding onto the current kennel.  In my defense, I further stated they have warm blankets, clean water and very expensive food.  Molly spoke up reminding all, that they can sleep on the ground and often do…I looked at her and said “Et tu, Brute?” And to my amazement she said “Id est quod id est” I was shocked! Could this be a dream?
I reiterated to them once again how expensive the food was and how I wanted them to have a balanced meal and….
“Fluff!” Clancy said “Nothing but fluff.  We can eat anything and before man, we hunted and killed our food!   YOU have made us weak!”  I said, “We can cut back and do more with less….Food!” Dutchess perked up and sat a little straighter, “Are we sure we want to do that?  I mean we ARE talking about food, aren't we?  By the way, did you bring a snack?”
Before it was all over, everyone had had their say.  What it simply all boiled down to was “More Play Time”! Everyone got hugs, bellies were scratched and I even got a few licks on the forehead!  Everyone was happy!  I was sworn to secrecy and was told never to mention this, not a word to anyone! Me being me, I had to ask as we were leaving, “How can this happen?”  “Don't ask” Clancy responded, “We'd have to kill you”.  
On the way out, Dutchess said; “Listen about the meeting, I didn't want anything to do with this…How about we stop and get a snack to smooth things over”…   PLEASE LET ME WAKE UP!!!! 
As my eyes fluttered, I woke with a jolt in my recliner, all I heard was barking and when my eyes focused, Clancy was lying in a chair and Dutchess was barking.  I immediately jumped up and got them a snack and we walked, no we ran to our play area and played ball and Frisbee until “they” were tired.
Please…..whatever you do, include more play time with your dog or you might just get the “Notice” too!

Footnote:  This being Memorial Weekend, please take time to remember our fallen soldiers and their families.  I encourage you, as I most certainly will be doing myself, to keep in mind the blessing of family, those still with us and those that have left us with only their memory.  On one final note, Elaine  and I will be remembering our beloved, fallen, four legged family members, that are waiting patiently….for us, on the other side of Rainbow Bridge….and to my boys, Little Shepp and Max…I Love you…Dad.