I Never Thought of That...

As most of you know, we occasionally board our pups/dogs that were born on the farm while their  family goes on vacation or if they need someone to keep their dog because of a work trip or family emergency.  We will also board dogs that are not one of our pups, in special circumstances.  We have done this for years and this week I discovered something that I never noticed before.  I was quite surprised when this "discovery" got discovered!   A little bit of history, we started boarding because we wanted to be able to be a part of our pups lives and to be able to watch them grow up.
Summer is a very  busy season for us because of people going on vacation and reserving boarding space for their four legged family member/s.  Typically we only take in one or two dogs  at a time.  It’s always good to see them and share our pack with them.  Last week was a unique week because we had two Australian Shepherds that belonged to a friend of ours.   Petey and Joey are their names and they are full of energy and most of the time they give my dogs a run for their money. 

 They are from the same breeder but about a year or so apart in age. They are attached at the hip in many ways.  They are very well behaved and will mind me as good as mine and at times, they are even better.  They will go to their kennel on a one word command, turn around, sit down and wait for me to shut the gate.  I have never seen dogs act like these two.  They are strong, muscular and I think they could jump over the moon if given the chance.  Joey was at my feet jumping in circles and I just opened my arms and he jumped right up into them and I don't even think he was trying to. He was just up in the air before he or I even realized it and fortunately for him I caught him.  I love to watch them run and hop at the same time.  If something is in their way, they jump over it including each other.  Great dogs, I have thoroughly enjoyed their visit.  
Our other guest is “Mouse”. She  is a tiny  female that is related of a sort to some of our clan.  She was  a little shy at first, but came out of her shell in no time at all! She just  wiggles herself right into your heart.  She loves to be in the house near us and even sleeps with us.  Why, just yesterday, it had been  a very slow day and I decided to "rest" my eyes for a little bit and she decided to "rest" her eyes along side of me on the sofa too! 
This brings me to the point of this post or should I say, MY GRAND DISCOVERY!!  I have noticed that when a guest dog stays with us, the behavior of the dog is a reflection of its' home life.   I never really thought of this before…but we can tell if the dog gets on the furniture, surfs the counter, sleeps on the bed, drinks out of the commode, jumps up on guests, barks a lot OR generally minds!!  How, you may ask do we know this  because that's the way your dog acts here too!!   Now hold on, I'm not saying any of these things are bad or wrong, because just like kids, everybody raises them a little different and if it fits into their lifestyle at home then they can  do the same  here and it is perfectly OKAY with us.
So if you bring your dog to visit, we can tell what is allowed at your house by what they do at our house.
NOTE…If you ever get the chance to watch Dutchess for us,  I will say, God Help you...because she will....

 Lick from the jar,
Eat from the box,
 Open the door,
 Drink from the commode,
 Lick the dishes,
 Drink from your glass,
 But...She Walks on Water!!!

Gotta Love 'em..., See you soon...