We're Family

Sometime you run into one of those situations that you can't explain and things happen that you never expected.  In the dog world, I run into all kinds of people and dogs, some are very nice and keep in touch and some we never hear from again, but it’s always good when we do get updates.  In October of 2010, Molly had a litter of 10 pups; it was the most any of our dogs had here at the farm.  Life was so good and all the pups scampered and played and had a grand time.  One of the last to go home was a little girl by the name of Keely because of scheduling issues.  She was the spitting image of our Abbie and had a wonderful personality.
Keeley's Litter
We have kept in touch with Keely over the years and have boarded her several times throughout her life.  Currently, we have had the pleasure of boarding her from January 6th for an extended stay.  She actually came the day before we got Doc and they have been together the whole time she has been here.
Keely and Doc
When she came I knew she knew where she was because she appeared to remember her surroundings and even went to the kennel where she was born.  Keely was a little reserved at first and I knew she was going to be here for a while so I felt it was imperative that we get reacquainted and spend some one on one time together or it would be a very long visit.
Well here it is nearly 4 months later and I will tell you, time flies when you're having fun.  Keely has been a dream boat and has been accepted into our pact and into my heart.  In the beginning, it wasn't the fact that she did anything bad or mischievous; she just wouldn't let me “really” get close to her or get to   know her.  She was so busy playing, running, jumping into the water, which she loves to do every time she gets near the lake and just having so much fun that she was too busy to stop and see me.  She reminded me of a very special boy that came back to us that took a big part of my heart with him when he left for his forever home, Bodie/Tucker.  Tucker was also a little reserved at first too, but soon warmed up to me and I remembered I cried when he left.
Over time, she has gradually let me into her world and we have become best buddies.  Because Meggie may be pregnant, I have kept her from running as much as she would like too and Abbie needed a running partner.  Keely stepped up to the plate and has become Abbie’s best friend.  They both are high energy and will encourage each other to  run around the full circle of the farm nipping (in a playful way) at each other  barking all  the way, each trying to get to the end first.  I remember so well when Keely’s owner was coming for a visit before she was born, she liked Abbie and wanted a dog just like her.  Be careful what you wish for because sometimes it comes true and it did in this case.   Abbie and Keely have the same personality and even look alike (both are Molly pups).
But today, Keely goes home and like Tucker she will take a part of my heart home with her.  She is a very loving and affectionate dog that has given us nothing but love and affection.  She is always polite and when I put them up, or to eat, I will open the kennel gate and call her and she will go right in and turn around and sit down and wait for me.  Something even mine won't do at times.  I will miss our times of snuggling in bed or on the couch, and the times she would search me out just to make sure I'm OK or just to give me a kiss or to have her ears rubbed. 
Like all of my dogs, I cherish them all so much, but today it will be hard to give her up and see her leave.  I will tell you, I already miss her and have enjoyed our time together.  She is a long runner and it’s such a treat to see her run and play without any restrictions until she is tired of running and romping with the other dogs and then lay down for a much needed nap with the pack.

Keely, you are a special little girl and you are so smart and wise in your young age.  I will think of you often and will always wonder how you are doing.  You have accomplished so much and have become family to us, including the dogs.  You have been a big part of our life and have filled us with joy.  Hopefully we'll see you again and soon,  I am so proud of you and just yesterday for the first time, you jumped off the diving board into the lake…something only the bravest of all dogs do, but you did it.  You are a treasure and we all love you.  Think of us often as I hope you know we will think of you often and also know you are taking part of my heart with you, this is reserved only for my "special" pups.  Love, Dad.

It's hard not to get attached to our pups when they stay.  We do try to give them the best home away from home and to love them as best as we can.  As I write this tribute, Keely is sitting by my side with her head in my lap letting me rub her ears while she licks my hand.  Good-buy sweet Keely... I'm sure I'll cry when you leave too... You're always welcome back home, as all of our pups are.