Here Comes the Sun...Not...

I've had it.  I have posted about it and people have commented to me about it, but I’m full and I can’t stand it anymore.  What am I talking about, I’ll tell you, it’s the worst thing and it happens every year and it’s happening again and I've had it.   It starts like this, I walk to the kennel to let the hooligans out and I will even name them, Abbie, Meggie and little Annie and now even Gabby joins in which Doc follows which brings in all the guest dogs.  I open the door and Abbie starts yipping and butting her head against the door to get out and Annie and Gabby start barking.  Doc jumps straight up in the air, over and over.  It’s like their butt’s on fire.  They want out and I mean they want out right now.

Abbie starts it off, she starts to yep again bringing everyone on high alert and they all push each other out the door and bark to see who gets out first.  I have seen them get into a bottle neck and no one goes anywhere, but the race is on.  What “race” you ask, well it’s the race to see who can get the dirtiest.  They start down the driveway, and that’s OK but when they go off road, its pure excitement and joy and pure hell for me.  Abbie and Meg are always first and Gabby and Abbie bring up a close second, but being a close second means that not only you spray mud on yourself, but you also get mud from the dog your right behind and then they are covered from head to tail and I really mean it. 

Not only had the weather been wetter more than usual, it keeps freezing and thawing every day and night and the mud just sits on top of the frozen ground.  But what makes it really bad, is we had some equipment in on a sunny day, yes we had that once, but when they finished grading the dirt, it rained and froze and snowed and rained and thawed which made it a perfect playground for the dogs to run through.  For the last couple of days, it has been right around the 32/36 degree days and I have to feel sorry for them because when they are not running, they want to give me sugar and jump on me and get me dirty.  Nooooo, stay back, you’re not jumping, sure.  When I look down I see all the puppy dog faces with beg brown eyes, but I've changed clothes enough this week I love you, but stay back….I thought of taking them over to the lake where they can wash off, but I again feel sorry for them and I know they will willingly do it.  Clancy is the only one who stays clean.  While he will chase balls and a Frisbee, he's not much into running just for the sake of running.  He needs a purpose and I guess he just doesn't see one.  

We have guest dogs this week and I haven’t posted many photos because they look so dirty and muddy, I’m ashamed for the owners to see them, but at least they have had a ball and done things that they usually don’t get to do at home.

They have run ruts in the woods and carried it everywhere; the back porch is filthy which means that we carry it in and then Elaine has extra work which means I have to help, sometimes.   Poor little Annie and Gabby, they stand at the door and want in so bad and they look so cold, what’s a dog lover to do.  At least for tonight, they will be happy dogs, Elaine is out of town seeing her parents and she did say “I think I’ll change the bed when I get home” so Annie, Abbie and Gabby will sleep on the bed tonight.  I’m going to the guest bedroom….
Oh and the weather forecast.....No sun for 6 more days....