A Very Busy Week

This has been a very busy week here at the farm and it’s because of spring break in Indiana.  We are watching several of our pups while their human families go on vacation.  It’s wonderful to see our little pups all grown up and spend some quality time with them again.  In addition to being spring break week, Annie, Meggie AND Gabby went into season.  One of the guest dogs that came over to stay is also in season, so needless to say, Clancy and Doc are on edge and wondering what happened to their world. They think they have died and gone to dog heaven.  I will tell you it’s like chaperoning  a high school senior prom at a Viagra convention.   It has been pretty smooth without any issues or problems except  Clancy did get out once and presented himself to a young lady, but it was a planned meeting. 
The one thing I have noticed when dogs board with us, is how tolerant our dogs are.  I guess I have never thought about it but I did take stock this week.  It appears that our dogs will team up with someone and show them the ropes letting the guest “find” themselves, something they won’t always do with each other.  
It’s so amusing to watch them with their new  friend play chase, ball and Frisbee and even prance and dance with each other letting them in their space and home to share everything, including us.  I have never thought about the fact that our dogs share “us” too. 

As a rule, we try to give every dog that comes over full run of the house and property and even let them sleep with us because we want them to feel at home and comfortable while they are away from their home environment.  Not all the dogs do get to stay in the house because some are more comfortable and happy in the kennel.  The downside to this is even though our dogs get a lot of attention, there is some sacrifice on their part by not being able to sleep in the bed with us or lay in my lap when it is already full with a guest dog.  They have never raised a stink or had an issue.  I do think  this is possible because they have been introduced to so many dogs over the years, different breeds, sizes and ages. 

Clancy is so tolerant of each dog and once he gives his seal of approval for acceptance to the pack, its game on and let’s be friends.  Over the years, there has only been one of our adult pups that wanted to challenge him by not submitting to his domain.  He approached Clancy in a manner that appeared dominant and wanted Clancy to submit…Bad move…Clancy flipped him over as fast as he could and before the guest dog knew what happened, Clancy had him on his back with his open mouth poised over his neck.  In just a few seconds, the guest dog’s paws relaxed in an act of submission and submitted to Clancy without any further  issues.  After Clancy released him it was play time and both of them jumped up and went to the field to play Frisbee, but no doubt on who was in charge.  The rest of the stay was enjoyable for both of them and they became great friends. 

Annie is our Ambassador of Good Will.  
After their acceptance to the pack, she will always be the first to take up with the guest.  In a “good will” gesture, she will approach them and prance around them and play “bite”.  This is something she will do in a loving way by licking their face and mouth and gently nibbling at them in a friendly way, she actually will do this to me when she wants to play.   She will jump on the couch and start nibbling at my nose and then clean my ears which usually don’t need it, but she offers anyway.

I am pleased with the personalities of our dogs, but this was not done by us alone or our dogs just picking up on it.  It was done by all the “Play days” and "visits" and all the guest dogs boarding with us, so thank you for trusting us to watch your dog and giving us the chance to be their parents again.  
Remember we were their first parent and in all the faces of the dogs that visit with us, I always see them peeking over their kennel door and watching me, as I sing to them again…Such sweet memories...Ken