A Small Reunion

This is a very busy week because Spring Break is here for the kids in the surrounding counties and it has started.  As usual, we get several calls from our dog owners wanting to board their dog with us.  It’s always fun to see them again and catch up with the human families.  Some of the dogs have not been here for a while, but still know me when I call them and will always come to me, always turning over at by feet wanting their belly rubbed. 
It always starts the same when they get here.  Each dog will be just a little shy and reserved and will coddle down giving lots of room to our dogs.  It’s like they know who is in charge and whose home it is, the guest dogs always gives respect to ours.  After about an hour of butt sniffing and checking each other out, things will loosen up and then the playing will start.  With the male dogs, a hump-fest will start and it is game on to see who is in charge…

Humping behavior is to show dominance over other dogs. This is the reason why male dogs can be seen humping another male dog. In primitive dogs, the dominant male is the only one allowed to breed females. Dog will only allow being mounted by dogs it considers to be higher in rank. We know that dogs are affectionate and loving creatures. Some would form a strong bond with the whole family while others would be devoted to a single person. Dogs hump people because they think people are members of their pack. A dog mounting your leg is telling you that he is dominant and that he occupies a higher position in the pack than you. Of course this should never be allowed. The dog should be made to understand that the human is higher in rank, that the human is the alpha male. A dog allowed to think otherwise will be one stubborn and hard to control dog. 

It’s always in a playful way and they end up playing and running after each other, playing catch.  If you are wondering…NO ONE ever attempts to “hump” Clancy.  He is very gentle and reserved, but is given a very wide "walk around" by each guest along with Molly, Dutchess and Meg.  Everyone else is fair game.
This week, we have a few new guests that are new to the farm.   “Ranger”, a pup from Molly’s last litter who is only about 3 ½ months old came to stay.  At first he was very reserved and was fearful of every other dog.  He kept running back to us and would not want to be with them at all.  On the second day however everything changed and he was a little spitfire.  He and “Tess” became great friends and would run and play though the obstacles on the porch and then down through the trees.  It was great to see such a change from a little reserved pup to an active and socialized dog.  “Tess” who was re-homed last year but came back to Indiana is also here.  She is the splitting image of “Kemba” who moved to Washington DC.  Tess has matured into a very sweet little girl and wants to be held and cuddle, which she gets. 

Reggie, “The Reggienator”, is from Dutchess and has some of the same features and manors as his mother.  Whew.....

Hope, Sofe and Gunny paid a short visit and all are in fine form and doing well.  They are beautiful and playful dogs that when they are not running, will get in your lap, especially when they are wet.  All in all, the dogs have had a great week but some will going home today. 

 I will miss all of them and hope to see them again very soon.  Remember the 1st Annual Puppy reunion on June 29th and 30th.  More to come…

Happy Birthday to Meg’s first litter, born 2 years ago today,  Errin, Scout, Murray, Kenba and Ranger.  Mom sends her love….and I do too...Dad