To the Vet...

Well here it is Saturday night and I don’t have anything to write about.  I've thought about this all week and I even had a few good ideas of things that happened this week that, I thought was great.  The only problem is I forgot what they were.  I even said to myself, “write them down, there good, No, I’ll remember” Well guess what, I’m sitting here looking at the keyboard thinking…at least it’s not Sunday morning and I’m looking at the clock.
The big event this week was going to the Vet with Dutchess and Doc this week.  Well…here we are taking up her food and water up the night before, no problem.  I let her sleep with us and we can watch her.  She did great, until morning.  Before I knew it, she had the toilet seat up and her head was in the toilet getting a long cool drink of water until I caught her and put the lid back down (we always flush).   Bad Girl Dutchess.  As we were getting ready, she found a 10” rawhide somewhere in the house and ate the whole thing because she did not get her food and she was hungry….Crap.  I got the hydrogen peroxide out and gave her 5cc and waited and waited.  Don’t make me give you more, now throw up we gotta go! and up it came with the water and the rawhide.  I will tell you, I hate throw-up more than anything.  Did I say I hate throw-up….After gagging several times, Elaine took the towels from my hand because she felt sorry for me and finished what I had started.  So off we went to the Vet, we went to Louisville this time where I use to work at the Vet’s office to see our friends and do a few other things that needed to be done.  Doc curled up and went to sleep and was a good boy and didn't make a sound except when he wanted to sit in my lap, which he tried several times.  Dutchess claim to fame on the trip going down was she threw up (Oh crap…not again).  After the surgery, and while we waiting for Dutchess to wake up, we went out to eat and to meet up with my cousin Peg and after lunch, it was back to the Vet to get Dutchess.  She was ready to go, except she was a little woozy but off we went, back home to Indiana.  Things went well until all of a sudden, Dutchess stood up and decided to pee while we were traveling at 70 MPH.   “OMG, what is the world is she doing?” (Not my exact words).  She sat back down and went back to sleep.  I guess that was from having her head in the toilet that morning.  Note to self: Put Dutchess in a cage before any other surgery.  If there is a good thing about this trip, I had prepared the ode puke-mobile for such things and it was easily cleaned up, and I’m sure Elaine didn't mind.
All in all, everything went well, Dutchess had a little trouble with some bleeding but I re-wrapped the bandage and she cleared up shortly after because of the added pressure. 
Dutchess has been staying with us since her surgery and has enjoyed the added attention, but no ball playing or jumping on the bed.  In just a short time, Dutchess will be back to normal doing the things she always does, except one…No more puppies.   

In a way, I regret not having anymore of her pups, they were somewhat like Dutchess and always got into everything, but in a good way.  As expected, Dutchess was the initiator of the “act” and would hunt Clancy and find him when she was ready.  
I will tell you this has been a trying 5 months for trips to the Vet.  While I like the people, I am getting tired of financing their vacations, but they all are good and have always been there when I needed them, Thank you...

I do want to mention something that is dear to my heart and I hope yours too.  It is a Border Collie Rescue in New York called Glen Highland Farm.  
It has 175 acres of rolling hillside that tends to the needs of border collies and was started by Lilly Goodrich, the President and CEO of Goodrich Tires and John Anderson President/CEO, Genesis Counselling.  Both Lilly Goodrich and John Anderson walked away from their fortunes and started this farm because it is what they believe in.
They are in it for the dogs,  Thanks, Ken