Plan "B"

I did not mention this when it happened, but we have been having some medical issues with Molly, Nothing serious, but just some problems.  A year or so ago, we found a tumor on Molly and I took her to the Vet and they did a needle biopsy on it.  It came back OK, so we decided, along with the Vet to wait, watch it and see what developed in the future.  After she had puppies we continued to watch it.  About two weeks ago, it grew to about 4 times its' original size.  I called the Vet and said it’s time to take it out.  We scheduled an appointment for the next day and early that morning, off we went to the Vet for surgery.  From her previous experiences she felt the car was a bad thing and she didn't want to go.  On the way, which is a 50 mile round trip, the only place she was comfortable was in my lap.  I will tell you, it’s hard to drive with a border collie in your lap, but we made it in one piece, (don’t do this at home). 

The appointment was with Dr “D”, the same Vet that worked with her and the puppies, so I knew she was in good hands.  I arrived early and they took her right back as soon as we got there.  I also went back to the prep room with them and stayed with Molly while they prepared her and put her under the anesthesia.  Not only did they have the one tumor, they found seven in her breast area that needed to come out.  Molly doesn't do very well doing things she doesn't want to do.  She is so timid and scared.  I have actually seen her teeth chatter when she was upset, but she always obeys me and will do it, whether she wants to or not. 
While waiting for the surgery to finish, I thought of all the things she has been through in the last 6 months.  I asked myself, “When does her easy time start?” hopefully soon…but it didn't.

As I said, Molly doesn't like things that are out of the ordinary so when it came time for the going home directions from the Vet, I knew she wouldn't like it.  No activity, NO licking… Just a few minutes after we got home, Molly went right to licking and I knew this was not a good thing to do, so we made a t-shirt with  holes cut for her legs and  tail and gathered up the end and sealed it.  This seemed to work well to keep her away from the incision, or so I thought.  When I checked her the next morning, the shirt was wet and she had licked “around” it going through the let hole. 
Plan “B”… Blow up E-collar.  Nope, won’t do it, she became upset and with her paws she pushed it right off  her neck.

Plan “C”… Bandage her belly with Kurlex, worked well the first night, but it was off in the morning.

Plan “D”… Combination of T-shirt and E-collar.  Worked well…for 3 days.  It appeared that she could still get to her sutures, because they were always wet.
Plan “E”… Combination of E-Collar and Blow up E-Collar.  Seemed to work well for 3 more days, but I was starting to find her sutures wet again. 
Finally, time to take the stitches out.  Wound looks good, should not be a problem at all, just snip these babies out and “bang” we're off for a walk without a lampshade or inter tube around her neck.  Problem solved….I’m sooooo glad this is over, so I thought again.
Wait, what’s that?  Did I spill something…Ketchup maybe?  Molly come here and let me see your tummy.  She is to the point of just rolling over and lifting up her leg for me to see her wound.

“Oh Darn” (not my real words) and many others, the entire incision has opened and is bleeding.  I called the Vet and spoke with them and Saturday morning, another visit to the Vet for new sutures and a better plan to keep her from licking.

I will tell you, this has been an exhausting ordeal.

What bothers me most is that I know she doesn't understand. She always takes it like a big girl, no matter what.  I feel so sorry for her and wish I could explain it to where she would understand, but then again, she trusts me to make it all better.  It's hard to see them suffer and especially when she looks into my eyes for comfort while her head is stuck through the E-collar and her tail starts wagging.   Molly, Daddy and Mommy are trying really hard to make it all better. 
Plan “F” … Start over…bigger E-collar, NO activity, something hard for a border collie...Wish us well...