We Did It Again

Several months ago, my son Brad told me “if you get one more dog, I calling the Animal Hoarders TV show and I’ll watch you on TV”……..Well, I guess I should expect the TV trucks to pull up any day now.  I only hope I get some money for it.   A friend of mine in Kentucky was downsizing her kennel and posted a notice on Facebook that she had a few dogs available to good homes.  I turned to Elaine and ask, “do we have a good home”?  She jumped at the answer and eagerly said “NO” I said not us, do we provide a good home for our dogs?  She laughed and said she could resist and said “of course we do” Dutchess over heard this and I swear she shook her head no and I’m sure it’s because she did not get her fill of Frisbee that afternoon and I refused to play in the house with her anymore because she knocked over the easy chair, diving after a Frisbee several weeks ago and if you know Dutchess, you know it’s true…
“Doc” is short for his new name of “Doc Holiday”.  He is a little over two years old and is a Sable color with traditional border color markings.  He is a beautiful boy and is one of the friendliest dogs I have ever had, including some of mine. He is very loving and gentle and loves to run to me and jump up in my arms and just hold on, squeezing me as we stand still and looking at me with those big amber eyes.  He has been with us for about 3 weeks and everything seems to be working well with all of the other dogs.  He Challenged Clancy once and was very quickly put in his place in short order and learned that Clancy is King of this domain, but maybe it’s because Clancy has twenty pounds on him too, Doc wagged his tail and puttered off in another directions and I swear Clancy smiled and said “I’m da Man”, which he is.
The first day he was here, we were trying to make him feel comfortable and after feeding him we let him out of the kennel and wanted to love on him and see what boundaries he had.  We found out in a few moments, he had none.  He came right up to Elaine and sat in front of her and sat down with her.  She had a slicker brush and thought she might brush him or at least see if he would let her.  He curled up between her legs and put his head on her leg and went to sleep while she brushed him.  She said he’s a keeper and I agreed.
The only thing missing is his name on his own kennel stall which I will order next week.  Doc is originally from Texas but has deep roots from England, Wales and Scotland.  His Great Grandfather won the 2005 World Trials and his Great Great Grandfather was the International Shepherd Champion 1985, Scottish Shepherds´ Champion in 1979 & 1986 and has won over 100 Open trials in Wales and Scotland. 
Doc is still finding his niche; he wants to play, but will only run after the other dogs not really knowing what to do.  He will run up and down the hills and will watch the others play or stand with what appears to be a big smile.  He has fit right into our family and our hearts for several reasons.  The first is when he jumps on me and as I stroke his face, he reminds me of another dog we had and had to give up, a decision I often regret.  The second is his personality and the big heart he has.  As I have always said it'n not the paperwork that makes the dog, it's what you put into the dog, so he'll know what to do and how to act.  Someone in his first two years spent a great deal of time making Doc who he is and it certainly shows.  Thanks Wendy...

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