The "Thaw"

Last week, we had a wonderful time playing in the snow but as all good things come to an end, the weather got warmer, the sun came out, but our walks and dog runs continued, I started seeing the dreaded time of year that I fear.  The “Thaw” not to be confused with “The Thaw” horror movie but it has the same effect.
 I noticed it and decided to put it out of my mind hoping it would go away and I was sure I was just making things up in my mind, seeing things that weren't there, but the next sunny day the feelings came back and were even stronger and I felt the effects, some I could even see.  NO  NO  NO… Am I losing my mind, I must be, I’m going crazy…It can’t be.  For the love of God, ...not… THE THAW……..Please spare me this year I screamed.  Just as the locust invades the fields at harvest time, the bears come to the stream as the salmon spawn, the “Thaw” invades Dogwood Ridge... once again.
See How They Change
Here I was standing right in the middle of it and I could see the effects almost immediately.  Although it didn't affect me in a horrible way, I did notice what it did to the dogs.
Notice The Growl

Lock Your Doors....Don't Let Them IN
We have all heard of the dreaded plagues of Egypt, but one that was always omitted because it was too forbidden was “The Thaw”.  Here is a photo of the original plagues that was found by a researcher in an ancient tomb with "The Thaw" written in blood......

 Plague of Lice

Plague of Flies

Plague of Murrain or Pestilence

Plague of Boils

Plague of Hail

Plague of Locusts

Plague of Darkness

Plague of the Death  

Most Dreaded Plague of The Thaw

Right before my eyes they changed, In a flash the were not the dogs that I knew.  Like zombies, bodies without a soul, walking frames of fur that once held a beautiful creature that I held and cuddled, gone forever and ever and evermore....

But wait....
Angles Singing... 

Sun  Shining...

Birds Chirping...

Booster Bath...
When all hope was lost, out of nowhere, a miracle from U.P.S...appeared, and the rest was heaven...

When I was walking on my land
Let My Doggies go
Oppressed so hard they could not stand
Let my doggies go