The Journey

It was Tuesday, the second week of February of 2006.  My cousin Peg and I were in route to Smiths Grove, Kentucky to check out some dogs and possibly purchase a puppy.  We went to a farm house that had a barn behind it where two litters of border collies with a total of eighteen puppies were running and scampering in the straw.  Just after a few moments, I spied the pup I wanted.  There was no reason, color or markings that made her stick out for any special reason. I just wanted her and I don’t know why.  
We paid the farmer his money and started our journey back home to Indiana.  Little did I know how much that trip would change my life and how instrumental Peg and Molly would be intertwined in my life's Journey. I didn't want another dog but “Max” was a dog we had and seemed to need a friend and companion.  
Molly & Max
“Max” was an outside dog and never came in, so another dog would probably stay outside too, or so I thought.   The dog I picked out was a party color and wasn't marked like a standard border collie but a little different, she was cute and I named her “Molly Mae”.
On the way home Peg and I talked about the new dog and wondered if she would like Max and would they get along.  I've never had a dog, much less two.   As you can imagine, Molly stayed in the house the first few nights and melted out heart but Max still wanted to stay out.   Molly became the house dog and the rest is history, our Journey had officially started and we were going down the path at full speed and I didn't know it yet.
 Today the last pup that Molly will ever have went home and last night, I sang to them for the last time, we played together and I rubbed their head and held them one last time before they went to their new home.
Molly's Last Litter

 I sat down in the kennel and thought about the Journey we have had and how fast time flies.  It just seemed like yesterday that we went to that old barn in Smith’s Grove and it’s sad that I won’t be able to hold any more of her pups, but I take solace in knowing that many other people can hold part of her, and take that Journey with us.   Molly will enjoy sitting in my lap and being with us in the house and I think she deserves it.

We all are traveling down that road and taking a journey.  Some of us know it and some of us don't, but we  are.  I just wonder where I'd  be if I didn't find that old farmhouse or picked that pup for no reason, because she was a little different.   Maybe it was fate, maybe it was destiny, but I did, and my life changed in so many ways.  I often wonder how the lives of our pup owners have changed because of that little fuzzy pup that entered their life and turned it upside down.  Life is a Journey but we do hold the map, some can read it, some can't.  Hopefully that little pup can help make your Journey just a little smoother.  My  life has changed so much because of a Journey that Peg and I took together on that snowy day in 2006.  On Wednesday of this week, Peg made her annual trip from Louisville to cuddle and hold each one and send them off with her blessing, as she has with all of our pups.

Here are a few of the pups that Molly had with a unique color pattern.

Thanks Molly Mae, for giving many of us a Journey that has changed our life, I know it has with me...Dad

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