Another Year

Well here it is, another year gone by and its Christmas.  Dutchess has been extra good (really, she has) but it’s probably because she knows that Santa is coming and wants all the Frisbee's, sorry Dutchess.  

This week, we have received many Christmas cards and letters from our dog owners.  One person even wrote a very special story about her relationship with her dog, including her past “Heart dog” that passed away and her current “Heart dog” she got from us.  It was very touching and I had to turn away from Elaine as I read it, because I was embarrassed for getting emotional.   Thank You….

Our current litter from Molly’s was her last litter and Dutchess is soon to be spayed too, so she won’t have any more pups and both Dutchess and Molly will live here with us, as we grow old together. 
Molly's First Litter
Just Beautiful
Looks Just like Molly when she was small
Laddy, 4/16/2007 - 8/27/2010   R.I.P
1st Tri
Our only double blue eye, Katie We would love to see her again
Molly's First.
I thought about this as Elaine and I opened and shared the cards, reading them together, it was kind of sad, where has all the time gone.  All of the cards were centered around the adult dogs that Molly and Dutchess have provided and there were photos and stories and their dog seemed to be the center of their life, kinda like us.  What a wonderful moment, Elaine even decided to start a scrapbook with the many mementos we received over the years.

I guess because of the season,  it has cause me to appreciate everything the dogs do for us and I now realize that they do things for others too, making their owners as happy as we are.  As humans, we did receive a wonderful gift that we celebrate this time of year and the rewards will be everlasting.  With people that have our dogs they also received a gift from Molly and Dutchess that have had an effect that will last for a long time too.  OK just to make it clear, Dutchess will never be “Mary”, Dutchess is too rotten and spoiled, but Molly... that’s a possibility, Molly is so tender, unselfish and considerate.  But Dutchess… No way, she’s like Madonna, self centered, but sweet in her own way, but only when she wants something.

As I have said many times before, the people we have met have made such a difference in our life in a positive way and I can’t thank them enough.  This has been a journey that I regret not starting long before, but then again, we didn't know about border collies until we moved here 12 years ago and got our first one from the newspaper “free to good home” Thanks Max you started it all.

There have been a few regrets over the years and all of them, we didn't have any control over, but it’s still a regret and sometimes still hurts.  I will never forget my little “Shepp” he meant so much to us and we think of him on a daily basis.  I still have his photos in my photo editing program and will see him every time I edit a photo.  I haven’t heard from his owner for about a year and don’t want to bother them, but I do hope and pray he is happy and well.  Of course, I regret losing our little ones, Midnight, James Clancy and Gracie Mae, but what I don’t regret is all the little ones that have brought so much joy into someones life and I am grateful for being a small part of the big plan.

I guess my Christmas message is to be more like our dogs, now don’t get me wrong, no butt licking or passing gas, but to be more forgiving and tolerant, unlike me, holding a grudge for days.  With any dog, you just need to clap your hands and say “come here” and in a flash, all is forgiven and they are in your arms ready to shower you with licks and kisses.  They always meet you at the door like they haven’t seen you for weeks when in-fact you were gone for only 10 minutes and snuggling is the best, I can’t sleep well because they just want to be near me, laying all over me.  Dogs can show us how to live, be happy and give us piece of mind and want nothing in return.
Dutchess's First Litter

Thank you Molly and Dutchess for all the wonderful bundles of Joy you have brought to us and the many people over the years and for many years to come because of your off-springs.   You have changed the lives of many people and given so many of us a reason to move on and to live life to it's fullest with a companion at our side, even we have one of your pups, our Abbie.

Merry Christmas to everyone from all of us here at the farm, and to our little Shepp, Merry Christmas son, I love you, Dad.

Note:  In the beginning, I didn't keep very good records if any of our readers have any knowledge of Molly or Dutchess's 1st litter, Please let us know how they are doing,  It might be your dog, but they will always be our pup...Ken & Elaine