A "What" House?

As some of you have followed the dog’s Facebook page, you have learned that we here have gone “green” on some of our facilities, namely our bathroom.  Not only are we saving water for our future generations, we are making our property a little more Eco friendly and are able to provide our neighbors and guest a place to meditate and reflect on the meaning of life…
I was also thinking that this could be a place to teach our young generations what our forefathers did in a time of “need”.  I also see an opportunity to make a little scratch and keep us in supplies for the privy.  I thought it could be a tourist attraction because it is so close to the road and even envision providing a photo opportunity for the kiddos.  I can just see it, “Be the first on your block to have your photo taken with a part of American history” for a small fee of course.  Why heck, even the parents could take part in the photo opt making it a day of events. 
While building the facility, I had everyone in the neighborhood stop by, some even getting out of the car and asking questions and “What in the heck are you building”  Some were surprised and some were shocked, but here it is, my outhouse.
After doing some research on Outhouses I came up with some interesting tidbits.
  • I've heard about 2 seater outhouses-I just thought it was so more than one person could use the potty at a time-not true. One seat was made larger for adults-one smaller for kids.
  • One theory about the moon on the door-the moon was the symbol for women-the star burst was the symbol for men. Since men's outhouses usually weren't kept up as well, they deteriorated faster. The women's outhouses being taken better care of-lasted longer-thus we associate the moon with outhouses.
  • Thomas Crapper was one of the first installers of water-closets.
  • Folks had different names for outhouses such as: I'm going to; the white house, the garden house, the la-la, the throne, the summer house, the library, the shiver shanty, and many others. One I still hear on regular basis-I'm going to see a man about a dog. (from The Deer Hunter)
  • Outhouse diggers are folks who find old outhouses and dig for treasure. They find all manner of items-mostly very old bottles.
I remember so well when we went to the country to visit the family farm, I thought it was so neat to visit the little shack in the back yard.  I was so excited… funny how the simple things made a kid happy…
All in all and all kidding aside, the little outhouse is where the UPS or FedEx man would place our delivered packages to the farm.  We usually get several packages a week and now he can leave them on the outside of the fence without coming in and they will stay dry. 

It was fun to plan and build the little event and who knows what the next project could be, Elaine even said “you’re a building fool” and I agree.  With the outhouse, chicken house and a real tractor that even works, we are well on our way to becoming real farmers, but I will draw the line on bib overalls…  
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