That Thing They Do…

With my dogs, they all have “That thing they do”.  They are as different as chocolate pie and cherry pie, but you love them all.  I had all of them in the house the other day because it was a rainy day and they needed something to do.  As I was setting and they were all looking at me, I saw the different personalities unfold in one place and was amazed at the differences they have.  It started with Gabby while she was flopping around my lap…

Gabby…What a cutie pie.  She needs all my attention, and I really mean all of it.  She will always run to me and if Elaine lets her in, she runs down the steps and circles the couch and flops in my lap.  She will wiggle and twist and in just a few seconds, fall to sleep on her back with her mouth open.  She allows me to rub and move her around the whole time she sleeps.  I was in bed one morning and she bounced in the bedroom and jumped up on the bed and circled once and fell asleep in my arms along with me.  No matter what, whenever she comes to me or I come in from outside, she dances and prances and will jump straight up in the air for me to pick her up
Molly… my heart dog.  She is the quite one that captured my heart the day I picked her out of a barn with 18 other pups running around in the straw.  I’ll never know why I chose her, but there was just something there.  She would be content to stay in the house and watch TV or just sleep.  She will wake and walk to me in the recliner and if no one in my lap, she’ll hop up for 10 minutes or so and hop back down and go back to her dog bed.  One thing she will do while we are walking and still moving, she will jump up and put her front paws up on my side and walk with me and grunt (her dog talk) as we travel down the path.  Funny thing, Molly is the Alpha female.

Annie…Loves to play and be the tough girl.  When we do out go to play, I always grab and extra ball just to give Annie because she is a carrier…She will always carry things such as a Jolly Ball or a tennis ball in her mouth during play time and will even run up and down the hills carrying the ball with no intent to get the other ball, but satisfied with hers.   If for some reason, someone grabs the ball and she is without it, she will latch onto Abbie's fur near her neck and Abbie will nearly drag her around but doesn’t seem to mind.  Annie loves to play “bite”,  it’s the same as when two dogs will play fight with each other, but they don’t actually bite, they just mouth each other, she has learned this with me and we have quite a time

Abbie….loves to nuzzle and be in my lap.  She is my defender and if any person or dog gets between us, she will circle around and go between my legs and ward them off.  When we are relaxing and it’s only us in the room, she will lay next to me on the couch, but if any other dog ventures into the room, boom, she’s in my lap so no one can be there but her.  Quite the little defender.  Only once did the UPS driver get too close...

Meg…the quite one.  So shy and reserved.  She is the little princess that wouldn't do anything wrong.  If I give a command to anyone, she will do it too, just because she wants to please.  She is the fastest dog we have and did well in agility but she will gather up the dogs and lead them in a race around the lake always winning.  When we took Meg to the sheep trials, she did great with everything but for some reason, as the bagpipes went by, it really annoyed her and in my lap she came.
Clancy…Loves to love.  He is my gentle giant, he comes in at 50 pounds but he has a large head which makes him look bigger.  Always in control and in charge, but he is the lover.  He never jumps into a lap or on the couch, but climbs on.  When someone or a family comes over to visit, he always gets in the middle of them and will lay his head on someone’s lap and goes to sleep, everyone wants Clancy…sorry.

Dutchess…The thinker.  All border collies are smart, but Dutchess is the teacher.  She is the smartest dog I have ever seen.  Whenever I am out, she will hunt and find a ball to play with, always bring it to my feet and if she thinks I don’t see it, she will pick it up and re-position it so she is sure I did see it.  She will even do this while I am mowing the fields, making me stop or go around the ball.  It’s hard for Dutchess to slow down, she does everything with zeal.  I don’t know how many times we have been to the Vet for an x-ray just to check, which always checks out, but 2 weeks of rest is just not in her schedule.  Sorry girl.

Again all my dogs are unique in their own way and I’m glad they are.  It would be boring if we only had chocolate pie and nothing to compare.  Think of your dog and see if you can put your finger on “That thing they do”…Ken