No Place Like Home, Part 2

'Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there 's no place like home;
A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there,
Which sought through the world is ne'er met with elsewhere.


As we were driving home from vacation and as we were getting close to the house, I called our house guest at home and told them we were about 30 minutes from arriving.  They said, “Do you want us to put the dogs up?” because they will rush to the car.   I thought for just a second and said “no, but thanks, we’ll see you soon” In my mind’s eye, I just wanted to sit in the driveway when we arrived and let them lick and jump on me, and they did.  It was a joyous occurrence. Jumps, spins and barks were everywhere to be seen when we arrived and even the guest dogs Hope, Sofe and Gunny joined in too which made it even better.  The prodigal parents have come home and even Dutchess was in on the act. Mad no more because she didn’t get to go, but, all is forgiven.  After the hugs and licks, they wanted to play ball but what the dogs didn’t tell me was they were playing ball before we got there only to want to play even more.  What we didn’t actually count on was getting wet and dirty because they had been in the lake too, but we welcomed it and it was glorious. All is at peace, Mom and Dad are home…

I do want to mention our house guest and friends that devoted part of their vacation to watching our dogs, Daniel and Chrystal Tingley along with their dogs, Hope, Sofe and Gunny.  All three dogs are products of our dogs and are always welcome.  Daniel and Chrystal have been a wonderful part of our family and will bring their dogs over for a play day often which we always look forward to.

On the first full day of vacation, I got the “phone call” from home.  Of course, you panic because you, or at least “I” think the worst.  As it turned out the electricity was out and I was sure I had paid the bill, but it turned out, a transformer had blown out and the power returned several hours later.  Christal and Daniel did a wonderful job for us and the dogs love them so.  I had all the confidence in both of them and knew they would do a great job, which they did, Thank you for taking care of our babies.

Just like a new parent, I wanted to call everyday but it was $1.99 a minute from the ship so I didn’t.  At one point, from Freeport, I found a hotspot Internet connection from a little dive just off the ship and got a connection.  I checked my email first and then Facebook just to see if there was a problem.  The only thing I found were photos from Chrystal on Facebook of MY dogs having fun without me.  They looked so happy and seemed to be having a ball.  Chrystal is a wonder photographer and I enjoy her work and the flair she puts into the shots, they were wonderful. All in all I think it worked out for both of us, and it is always nice to see Hope, Sofe and Gunny when Chrystal and Daniel go on vacation, and it was nice for them to see our dogs when we’re not here too, just to see a different side, which they did.  You learn a lot about the dogs when the dog human parents are not around.

Daniel and Chrystal ask if they could fish while we were here.  I didn’t know how they would do, but I never mind.  I don’t fish, but as we were going through Chrystal’s photos, Daniel had caught quite a few 16 to 18 inch largemouth bass and just as many 10 to 12 inch ones too and I know the size was right because he had a ruler next to the fish in the photo.  He also caught many channel cats and blue gills, but the strange thing, the large lake had never been stocked; only transferred from fishing the small lake, 40 to fifty fish at best.  To my knowledge, only one 3 inch bass was ever transferred.  I was more shocked than Daniel, but was glad he had good luck.  Chrystal even had a few break her line.

After everyone settled in, there were hugs for everyone.  At one point, each dog took turns getting as close as they could as we sat on the couch.  Even today, they just hovered around us and want to at least be in touching distance, which we do.  At one point, Abbie found a ball and brought it to me while I was sitting in the recliner.  With all six dogs inside, it is usually difficult to do this, but I found a way.  With all six staring at me with saucer eyes and hanging tongues, I found a way.  As I called their name, it was their time to catch the ball which they did and the only snafu was if they missed it or the ball took a bad bounce, then it was game on…Dutchess still had her grass skirt on...Mom & Dad are home, all it at peace, for now... Ken

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