Dear Mr. Ken,
I was so happy when we went to the airport in July of 2011 to pick up my new dog Gabby. We couldn't wait to take her to our farm to meet all the other animals we had, including two other border collies. She has always been the sweetest dog I ever had.
 She used to just watch our bigger border collie, Gus, and I could tell she was learning so much from him at the farm. In October of that same year, my family and I decided to move to Indianapolis for my dad's work. It was very tough for me because I had to leave my horses, my barn cats, and my chickens all behind.
But we brought Gabby, Meg, and two of my favorite barn cats. We wanted to keep Gabby with us and were able to get a house that had plenty of space for her to run. After we had moved here, I loved going outside and playing with her in our new yard, and she was my best friend during this time. As time went by, our other dog Meg was getting very anxious to be around other livestock again, so we had to do what was right for her and found her a new home on a sheep farm. We kept Gabby for a couple of months but could see that she needed more of a social life with other border collies to run and play with. We knew it would be hard to find a new home for her that we would be comfortable with, but we started looking. That is when we found you. The night before we drove to your place to see if it would be a good home for Gabby, I cried a lot and asked if we could keep her. We decided that we would come to see you and try to make a decision from there. We were so happy when we got to your place to see her immediately happy and running with the other border collies. She seemed to love the pond, the porch, and even your couch.
Gracie and Gabby
I am sad in my heart to not see her in my backyard but am happy to know she is now in your care. I can't wait to come to see her again soon. Thank you for recusing her and loving her as much as I do.

Dear Gracie,
What a wise little person you are and to be so young. You have made a very important and wise decision that most adults cannot make. Last week when you arrived with Gabby and your parents at our farm, my heart skipped a beat. She is beautiful, and she seemed to fit right in with my dogs. You have done a wonderful job training her and making her a sweet and loving dog. I will tell you, most dogs don’t always know to be nice, it’s something that usually rubs off from their owner, and with Gabby, it truly has. You can take comfort in knowing that Gabby has been in the house and sleeps with us every night and she loves to cuddle. Every day, she runs with the big dogs and Meg has taken her under her wing, maybe because they are so close in color.
I am pleased you found us too. Sometimes, things have a way of working out, and we may never understand it, and I think it has with Gabby too. I know you are sad and I really do understand, you see, I had to give up my little “Shepp” a few years ago for almost the same reason, he needs something I couldn’t give him, and now he has it and is very happy. Maybe you found me because God knew I was sad, and someday there may be a new “Gabby” in your life too. Thank you so much for making a hard decision, and know it’s OK to cry because you're sad, and just between us, I still cry and miss Shepp too. They both will always live in our heart, and all we have to do is close our eyes, and they're here with us. Gabby will always remember you, and I know your parents will bring you to see her, and she will be so excited when you arrive, and until then I will give her a hug and kiss for you as she goes to sleep in our arms every night, Thank You...You're a very special little girl.

Your Friend,
Mr. Ken

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