A Busy Week

Wow, what a busy week, we had a few dogs that boarded with us and Maddie along with my son and daughter-in-law came up for the weekend. The weather was perfect and high spirits were all around. Maddie is getting along and doing so well, she is growing like a weed talking in sentences. One thing we have always liked to do is go to Nashville Indiana and go shopping, so off we went with credit cards in hand.
But the second highlight was going to the Columbus Scottish Festival. We have done this for years and it always has been a joy to see all the activities. We usually take a couple of our dogs and let them experience the activities too. This year it was Clancy and Meg. Both were a little stressed at first and Clancy was always on guard for something that needed correcting. This year we met up with one of our dog owners that have a working dog along with a new pup of ours. Nellie is a working dog that works sheep a few hours from us and she is the light of everyone’s eye along with her little sister Ruby

The bagpipes were wonderful and played many of my favorites such Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave.  It it truly amazing to watch the people play and I have been told, this is a very hard musical instrument to work with, but these men and women did a wonderful job.
Nellie and Ruby watching the sheep,  Nellie was wanting to get out and show her talents so much, she could not hardly contain herself.
Meg, Clancy and Ruby and not seeing anything else, but the sheep.
There were about 140 dogs that competing in five different classes and the handlers are competing for prize money and for qualification points for the USBCHA National Finals.  It was a wonderful day and we all enjoy watching the dogs work and do the things they are bred to do.  Who knows someday we might just get sheep, Clancy's great grandfather was the 2004 International Supreme Champion.  If you have never attended one of these events, I suggest you do, it will truly amaze you what the dogs and handlers can do and maybe next year, we'll can watch you....