We Are So Blessed

And we are, in so many ways because of the dogs and the pups and the people we have met because of the dogs. Let me explain. Usually, when someone inquires about the dogs, we will invite them over even before the pup is born just so we can discuss our needs and wants for our pups to the new owners. We will invite them to sit in the family room and most of the time, we will have our dogs in too, just to let them the people get close and personal and to know what they are getting into.
If Clancy clime up on the couch with them and goes to sleep, that’s a pretty good sign they will get a pup, he’s a pretty good judge of character and usually hits the mark.  After their pup is born, most families will come and visit their little pup every week or so and we encourage this if possible because it helps them to socialize the dog.  During this time, we will usually meet their kids, parents and grandchildren if they bring them.  I have seen their kids grow up, watched their kids get married and been involved in some small part of their lives at times.
At times we have had some of our dog owners over for lunch or dinner and have great conversations sitting on the dock watching the dogs run and play.  One couple even became engaged on their pup’s first birthday. She arrived home from work and usually the first to greet her is a happy pup! Well this time there was no pup but her Bo with a card and flowers.  After a moment of confusion she asked where the dog was, the back room door opened and out ran the happiest Border Collie with a white box around his neck.  Her Bo got down on one knee, with the dog by his side and history was made! Some people will bring treats or gifts for my dogs and one young man knows I like Rice Krispie Treats and has brought several batches, I do hide them from Elaine. Sorry Elaine…but know even Dutchess doesn’t get any, there mine…
We are also blessed because when we board our pups, we get to see them again.  Some, several times a year.  Everyone has a hoot of a time, and we get to see our human friends again too.  Just this Friday, we had a dog come for a visit and his parents were going to Hawaii for their wedding anniversary. Yesterday, as they flew out, I got a photo from the plane saying they were on their way. “Ranger” their dog sent back licks and kisses, God speed Tom and Terry, congratulations.
One of the neat things we get to see, is their little pup grow up to a beautiful border collie.  I told Dutchess if she doesn’t get off the table today, I’m going to switch her and keep one of the boarding dogs, and I meant it… They change so much and I covet each one that comes back. Everyone has done such a great job with their dog, some a little better, but all are doing great. This week is the busiest we have ever had for dogs staying with us. It’s not a problem for them, but I want all my ducks and dogs in a row and border collies are hard to keep up with. I can’t imagine someone stopping back to get their dog and I say “sorry, your dog’s not hear” I always keep an extra eye on the guest and never leave them alone outside, but all in all they stay right on the porch and with me if they’re not playing ball or getting in the water or on my lap.  They are so amusing to watch. Just imagine trying to walk anywhere, all wanting attention and jumping trying to give you kisses.  Sometimes I just sit down and let them have their way with me. I’m surprised I have any eyebrows left. Just last night, while watching TV from the couch, I had one in my lap, one on the right and left and two at my feet.
 There is one down side to this and that’s when I get that horrible email. It always starts out the same “Ken, I am so sorry, our dog was killed today”.  It's the hardest email they have ever written and it's something I never want to hear, but have, at least five times and a pain shoots through my heart. I’ve often thought, do I want to know? and the answer is always “Yes”.  They are my pups too and will always be, and I want to know.  If possible I will send a puppy photo back to the owners that I have kept, and always try to comfort, but there is just no words to say.  In their letter, they usually mention of their tears as they write me, but I never mention mine as I write back, but they are always there.
You see we are really all a family and we are people who can help and depend on each other during the best of times and at the worst of times. Families are important and some people go through life and never know they have one, but I will tell you, I do, and there are many branches on my family tree and most have four legs the rest two.  We are truly blessed… Ken

Note;  The dogs in todays post are just a few guest dogs born from my dogs.  There is not enough room to have photos of all that stay...